Endorsement Procedure

Proposals at Middlebury are reviewed via the internal endorsement procedure. To find out of your proposal is subject to endorsement procedures, and for more details on these prodecures, click here.

Proposals at Middelbury are classified as either

research grant proposals—support for a faculty or staff member for an individual research or professional development project


institutional grant proposals—support for projects relating to academic program, facilities, student life, or other institutional needs.

The information below is targeted toward research grant proposals. For more information about institutional grant proposals, click here.

OGSP Can Help

For faculty research grant proposals, OGSP can help you with proposal preparation, budgets, and the internal endorsement procedures.

The sooner you contact OGSP, the more support we can provide. A timeline document in excel, available here, summarizes faculty responsibilities and OGSP services, and can also be used to plan your grant proposal.

We also have a resources page with documents and links that may be helpful for faculty who are thinking about potential projects or preparing grant proposals.

Need forms or institutional information, like F&A rates or DUNS numbers? We have that too.

Grantwriting 101

Regardless of your discipline or the funding agency, certain rules of grantseeking apply to all grant proposals.

Questions Your Proposal Must Answer

What do you want to do?
You should be able to summarize your proposal in a few sentences. Avoid jargon. Provide a short project summary even if it's not required. Make it easy for reviewers to find the answers to questions they might have.

Why do you want to do it?
Why is it important that this project be done? Convey your enthusiasm. There must be a better reason than "it hasn't been done before."

How are you going to do it?
When and where? Provide a specific timeline. Demonstrate that you have the necessary equipment and other resources.

How much will it cost?
In addition to a basic budget (or required budget forms) provide a "Budget Justification" -- detailed information on each budget item. Show how you arrived at your figures.

Why are you the one to do it?
What special credentials do you have?

What good will come from it?
Your answer will depend in part on the goals of the funding source. Typically you will need to describe the contribution to the discipline and to society in general. You may also need to address the benefit your project will have for your career or for Middlebury College and/or its students.

How will you show that it's been done and evaluate its success?
This answer also depends on the goals and requirements of the funding source. At a minimum, indicate how you plan to disseminate the results of the project.

You can contact Sponsored Programs staff for a paper copy of the booklet Grant Preparation: Tips and Advice.

OGSP also offers several workshops during the academic year on proposal writing and specific funding sources.