Institutional Proposals

Institutional proposals request funding for projects that support the mission of the College. These projects include academic programs, student internships, financial aid, facilities improvements, and student life.

If you are writing a proposal to request a research grant to support scholarly work, click here.

Getting a Project Approved

First, discuss the idea with all personnel who will be involved in the project, to be sure that everyone is willing to allocate the time and effort needed to undertake the new program. Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) staff are available for consultation at this stage.

Calculate a rough budget and establish a timeline to show how the project will affect the teaching and support staff assignments in your department or division. If additional staff is needed or leaves are to be requested, discuss the project with the Department Chair, who may recommend a preliminary discussion with the Vice President for Academic Affairs or other College officials.

Once a general plan is prepared, call a CFR staff member. We will discuss the proposed project with the Vice President for Academic Affairs to determine its appropriateness for the institution.

When the project has been reviewed and approved, CFR staff will seek a funding source if one has not been suggested. If the project is not approved, the project director will be notified.

Preparing the Proposal and Budget

Once institutional approval is obtained, CFR staff will set up a timeline and work schedule with the project director based on the target date for initiating the project. We will offer assistance, if needed, to locate appropriate funding sources, to structure the project, and to prepare the proposal and budget.

For help with budget preparation and policies, click here.

For information on indirect costs, fringe benefit rates, cost sharing, student wages, etc., click here.

If the proposal includes cost sharing, additional personnel, new equipment and equipment maintenance, or leave time, discuss the budget and outline of the project with the CFR office before preparing the proposal. The CFR staff is happy to work with the project director to prepare the budget. Please contact the office well in advance of the project deadline date.

When the budget is completed, an internal endorsement form is required. Required institutional signatures include those of the project director, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Controller's office. If the proposal includes equipment purchases (e.g., computers, academic equipment, media equipment), the designated College official for the specified area must also sign. Ask CFR staff to identify the appropriate officials.

If the College will be responsible for supporting any cost share,  purchase or maintenance of equipment, or any other costs specified or implied in the proposal, those costs must be:

No proposal may be submitted from the College until the Director of Grants & Contract Administration (or designee) signs the blue sheet. The DGCA must also sign the cover sheets of Federal proposals. CFR staff will indicate any additional signatures that are required.

Post-Award Procedures

If the grant proposal is successful: Rejoice!

CFR staff will meet with the project director of the institutional project to explain post-award procedures including reporting, time and effort forms, vouchers, and other administrative concerns. CFR staff will continue to assist the project director throughout the life of the grant.