Our On-campus Workshops

Our staff offer a limited number of workshops here on campus that are open to all faculty, staff, students and guests of the College unless otherwise noted. Current offerings and course descriptions appear below.

Upcoming Workshops

Thu 12/14ITS & You:  Tech Services Overview9:00-10:30 amLib 140
Mon 12/18ITS & You:  Tech Services Overview1:30-3:00 pmLib 140
Wed Jan 17ITS & You:  Tech Services Overview9:00-10:30 amLib 140
Thu Feb 15ITS & You:  Tech Services Overview1:30-3:15 pmLib 140
ITS and You: Technology Services Overview

This session introduces services and resources provided by Information Technology Services (ITS) to all Middlebury employees, including:  email, file storage, account security, online learning, and how to obtain computing help.  Although geared toward new/recent hires, everyone is welcome to attend – you might surprise yourself with an “aha” moment or two.  The workshop format will be a presentation with questions entertained along the way, followed by an optional half hour for hands-on assistance with specific questions.


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