Polycom Videoconferencing Software

Polycom Software End of Life

Beginning January 2018, the Polycom software will no longer be accessible to Middlebury users.  To make your transition easier, Zoom, Polycom's replacement, is now available to all Middlebury users.

For more information and to start using Zoom, visit go/zoom

For further reading on the Zoom selection process, visit go/zoominfo


Middlebury has a number of licenses for Polycom RealPresence Desktop videoconferencing software. Compared to Skype, an advantage of the Polycom software is that the people on the other end of the call can use their existing videoconferencing rooms, screens, cameras and microphones, without having to setup a separate computer and peripherals on their end. Furthermore, the Polycom software gives you access to our videoconferencing bridge where you can make group calls (and record them, if desired).  

Support Options

We are able to offer assistance in using the Polycom software for courses or provide general advice on troubleshooting issues with College-owned computers.

System Requirements

Instructions for Installation & Basic Use

The software can be downloaded for free though it requires a Middlebury or Monterey sign in (same username and password as your Middlebury or Monterey email account). Guests can use the download links below to obtain a 30-day trial version - they simply skip the login prompt.

Download links:

  1. To install, double-click the downloaded file then follow the on-screen instructions.
  2. After the installation is complete, launch the software.
  • If a Windows Firewall message appears, click Allow Access.
  • If prompted, click "Enter" below Enterprise Sign In
  • On the Sign in screen, enter your email address then click Next.
  • On the next screen enter the following information:
    • Server:
      • video.middlebury.edu (for Middlebury users)
      • video.miis.edu (for Monterey users)
    • User name: MIDD\your username (e.g. MIDD\jsmith)
    • Password: your password
  • Uncheck the box beside "Remember password."
  • Click Sign in.
    • If prompted to trust a Server Certificate, click Yes.
  • The Polycom RealPresence Desktop should appear with the dialpad on the right.
    1. On a Mac, your 4-digit extension is displayed bottom right. People can call this extension to reach you.
    2. On a PC, click the italicized "i" on the bottom right (below the dial-pad).  From the pop-up menu, you should be able to see your extension.
  • To dial a videoconferencing room or individual, enter the extension or IP address in the dialpad window on the right.
    • A list of the IP addresses and extensions of Middlebury, Monterey and DC videoconferencing rooms is available here.
    • You can also directly dial other people that have the software installed by looking them up in the Polycom software directory or by entering their assigned Polycom extension (the 4-digit number they see in the lower right of the Polycom software window). 
      • To use the directory, click the Contacts button (above the dial pad, third button from the left) and enter part of a person's name under Find a Contact. Click the person whom you'd like to call and click Call. If no results appear, make sure you've entered the name correctly. A person will not appear in the directory if they have not installed the polycom software (in that case, please direct the person to this page so that they may install the software).
      • An outside person (someone without a Middlebury college email account) needs to dial the outside address. Example (where XXXX is the 4-digit number you see in the lower right of the Polycom software window).
    • Note that while Middlebury does not block calls with this software, other organizations might. In some cases, it may be necessary for the other person to dial you directly or to use Middlebury's videoconferencing bridge (contact the Help desk for more information on the bridge).

    Further Information & User Guides

    The complete user guide is available below. For course-related use, we strongly recommend that you schedule an orientation session and a test call with the Middlebury Help Desk.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Polycom Software

    Please see the page Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for the Polycom Software.