Middfiles serves 2 main functions: it provides every course taught on campus server space to share, hand out, and hand in work; it allots space for offices and organizations to share files easily. This is done through the classes and orgs directories.

You can also see how to connect to middfiles on a Mac or PC.

Classes Directory

The classes directory allocates storage space for every course taught on campus. Each course is given 256 GB, which among other uses, is a great way for professors to hand out materials and for students to turn in work. To access a course folder, enter the classes directory, then choose the appropriate term and course number.

Orgs Directory

The orgs directory provides file storage space for groups of people on campus. These groups include, but are not limited to, offices, committees, and student organizations. Each group is responsible for maintaining their folder's permissions, the list of people able to access the folder. Groups begin with 128 GB of storage space, but more can be requested as needed. To access your group's folder, enter the orgs directory and search for the folder in the alphabetical list.

If your group does not have a folder but you would like to have one, please contact us and let us know what group it will be for and who will need access.