Information Security

Welcome to Middlebury's Information Security website. Middlebury's approach to information security is based on a comprehensive program of education, architecture, technology and governance.

We believe that information security is a shared responsibility. Our staff works collaboratively with departments across the institution to help reduce and mitigate information security related risks and threats to the College community.

This website is intended to provide information and resources to help you learn how to be more secure, online and offline.

Security Scout of the Month

To help raise awareness about community efforts to prevent significant security issues, Middlebury Information Security has launched a ‘Security Scout of the Month’ award.

This month Information Security would like to recognize Amy Dale who promptly and accurately responded to potential malware activity by unplugging her computer and reaching out to the Help Desk for immediate assistance.

When asked, Amy shared this advice about computer security, “My previous work experience, particularly at AOL, helped prepare me to be more alert and aware of scams. A previous manager always said, “when in doubt, leave it out.”  In other words, when you’re the least bit hesitant, then don’t open/click/download, etc. “

This astute awareness and keen insight is why Amy is this month’s ‘Security Scout of the Month’.

We are excited to celebrate the hard work and security conscious efforts of our community. Please watch for the next ‘Security Scout of the Month’ and help us recognize these efforts.

If you would like to recognize an individual for their information security contributions or would like to raise an information security concern, please contact