Other Tools

The following tools are offered as both resources provided by Middlebury College and also as solutions by other providers that Information security has found useful for addressing common security issues. Note that these outside vendors and not being endorsed by Information security and will not be supported by Information Security but rather are recognized as secure solutions to common issues.

  • Password Resets:

If you need to reset your network password please go to:


  • Middfiles Remote Access:

If you need to access Middfiles from off campus please go to:


  • Google Docs Single-Sign-on:

For managing account permissions and single-sign-on settings in Middlebury's Google Docs instance log into http://go.middlebury.edu/gdocs and go to:


  • Multiple Password Management:

eWallet and 1Password are both solutions which manage passwords in a secure way and support multiple platforms such as Windows, iOS, and OSX.



  • Audit your MAC for PI:

Check your Mac for PI with a personal copy of IdentityFinder