Tech Partners Team Charter


The purpose of the ITS Tech Partners Team shall be to: 

  • Help find creative and innovative technology related solutions to challenging problems.
  • Serve as ITS’ technical ambassadors throughout the College, to teach and support colleagues, to communicate announcements and key information.
  • To partner with ITS in identifying and supporting the technology related needs of your work groups/areas. 
  • To help troubleshoot issues and provide technical assistance to your work groups/areas’ colleagues in collaboration with the ITS helpdesk and staff.
  • To help coordinate new software and/or service purchases/agreements with a goal of minimizing waste, duplication of effort and risk (financial, operational support/stability/sustainability, information security – sensitive data exposure, data loss).
  • To help ITS with the evaluation and testing of new products and services, and from time to time, transitioning or eliminating old products and services, or deprecated ways of doing things.
  • To help marshal support for technology related initiatives and encourage adoption of new tools, processes and policy.

All team members are encouraged and expected to share their ideas, raise appropriate questions and find productive opportunities to contribute.  All team members will avoid conflicts of interest and are responsible for acting in the best interest of the College.  Team members are expected to regularly attend meetings, to provide notice and if possible/practical a substitute if they cannot attend.  A team member who has missed 3 consecutive meetings without notice is considered to have left the team.

The team will assess its performance in relation to this charter at least annually.

Team members currently include:

  • Joe Antonioli – Academic Technology
  • Jane Aube – College Advancement
  • Jamie Black – College Advancement
  • Renee Brown – Academic Coordinators
  • Solon Coburn – Public Safety
  • Trinidad Gomez – ITS (MIIS)
  • Bill Hegman – Geography
  • Stephen Kiel – College Advancement
  • Mike Moser – Facilities Services
  • Ethan Murphy – Film and Media Culture
  • Ken Pierce – Dinning
  • Jen Ponder – Dance
  • Allison Rimmer – Theatre
  • Mack Roark – ITS
  • Susan Sheets– Center for Careers and Internships
  • Wendy Shook – Library
  • John Stokes – Language Schools
  • Jim Stuart – ITS
  • Kathy Weis – Registrar
  • Tim Wickland – Sciences Tech Support Services