ITS Managers' Team

The purpose of the ITS Managers’ Team shall be to:

  • Use ITS’ Mission, Vision and Values as guiding principles to shape activities and objectives.  Referencing the goals and values in proposals, team meetings, etc… help reinforce their value

  • Provide leadership and facilitate collaboration and professional development across the workgroups of ITS to ensure that day to day operations; short and long term projects; and major initiatives are coordinated effectively in accordance with ITS goals and objectives.

  • Regularly review project and other planning instruments related to ITS activities to ensure that all necessary and advisable components are present (including milestones, timelines and budget), consistent with expectations, transparent and will meet objectives.  (Working on this one as a group and what comes from the Project Management team)

  • Ensure that all ITS staff members are sufficiently aware of important/significant ITS projects and activities.

  • Help marshal support for ITS initiatives and encourage adoption of new tools, processes and policy.

  • The ITS managers team will work under the concept of “first team”, supporting each other and the team.

  • Seek to find creative and innovative technology related solutions to challenging problems.

  • All team members are expected to share their ideas, raise appropriate questions and find productive opportunities to contribute.

  • All team members will act in the best interest of ITS and Middlebury in general.

Operational structure: The team shall form its own operational structure. The team meets at least biweekly, more often as needed. Each meeting has a facilitator and a note taker. Roles rotate for every meeting and are agreed upon at the end of each meeting. There is no team leader, each team member is equal. We are all accountable for the success of the team. More than 50% of the team needs to be present for a meeting to take place. Agenda items need to be added to the google doc by 5pm the day before the meeting. If there are no agenda items, the meeting is cancelled. The team is to report on progress and activities to the ITS Leadership Team, and will do so on a quarterly basis or as it deemed appropriate with noteworthy items.  This team will assess its performance in relation to this charter at least annually.

Trinidad Gomez

Technology Learning Specialist & Information Technology Assistant Director

 work(831) 647-6644
 Casa Fuente Building CF330

Lisa Terrier

Manager, Managed Dev & Softwar

 work(802) 443-5749
 Davis Family Library 125A