Local Food Providers


Featuring creative flavors and witty names, Ben & Jerry's ice cream is a household favorite in Vermont and beyond. The Ben & Jerry's is founded on a 3-part social, product and economic mission. That means creating euphoric concoctions that improve life and respect the Earth and the Environment.

Waterbury, VT. 

Peace Pops for special events.


is a small, first generation, family owned and run goat dairy and cheesemaking operation established in 2000 with the mission to create a high quality product built on the cornerstones of respect for consumers, land and animals as well as our local community. 

Leicester, VT

Goat Cheese used at special Dining events 



Citizen Cider was founded in 2011 by the cider-making dream team of a chemist, wine salesman and farmer. Citizen Cider is made from 100% Vermont apples grown at Happy Valley Orchard in Middlebury and is now underway producing 20,000 gallons.

Essex, Vermont

Served at special Dining events and at The Grille

 woodchuck hard cider


Woodchuck starts with the finest ingredients handcrafted in our very own Middlebury, Vermont. The special attention that goes into what is inside each bottle and a genuine love for hard apple cider ensures a smooth, unique beverage true to their roots. 

Middlebury, Vermont

Served at special Dining events and at The Grille