COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Classroom Access

Middlebury College is responsible for ensuring that programs and activities are accessible to students with disabilities. Accommodations may include, relocation of classes.

Relocation of classes occurs when the classroom is inaccessible and prohibits class attendance for the student. Examples of barriers to classroom access include:

  • buildings without ramps or elevators;
  • buildings that are temporarily inaccessible due to construction;
  • classes held in locations too distant for the student to reach in the time available;
  • locations that present safety concerns,, such as those resulting in isolation, darkness, etc.;
  • locations with inadequate acoustics, lighting or other barrier of the physical environment that would deny substantial access to the student.

When class locations present barriers, the Disability Resource Center will work with the class scheduling officer and the faculty involved, to facilitate reaonable accommodations which may include rescheduling the class in another location. Relocation or rescheduling would not be a reasonable accommodation only if such changes would funadmentally alter essential elements of a class or program.