COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Time Extensions

1. Exams

All students who have been approved for the accommodation of extended time on exams shall be afforded the chance to use twice the ammount of time allotted fro the original exam. Students are not required to stay the entire amount of time if they should finish before the double time has expired.

Extended time does not relate to how long a faculty member has designed an exam to take; rather, it relates to how much time students who are not entitled to extra time are given to complete it. For example, if a faculty member designs an exam to take an hour, but students are allowed 90 minutes to complete it, a student with extended time shall be afforded 180 minutes (3 hours), to complete it.

2. Assignments

The Disability Resource Center will support requests for extensions on assignments on a case-by-case basis. The Disability Resource Center will only support requests made by students if it is necessary and appropriate and listed as an approved accommodation. All requests shall be made in advance of the due date of the assignment that an extension is needed. Students are advised that the ADA is unable to waive penalties given by faculty for late assignments.

3. Completion of Course Requirements

Upon recommendation by the Disabilty Resource Center, the Office of the Dean of the College may authorize time extensions for completing course requirements when progress is adversely affected by a disability. Faculty, Departments, and Academic Affairs/ Studies Committees must take the recommendation into consideration.