First-Gen Peer Mentoring Program

If you identify as a first-generation student, you have the option of participating in our mentoring program as either a mentor or mentee. The purpose is to connect first-generation students with each other in pairs for further individualized support. Students have complete ownership as to what they want their mentorship experience to look like, whether it be friendship, academic advising, anything else or all of the above. All of our mentors undergo a short training to help them reflect on their own first-generation experience that will help their mentees thrive academically. socially, and professionally. In addition to the one-and-one meetings between mentors and mentees, we also host group events for the mentoring program. We are currently supporting 20 mentor-mentee pairs and are expecting similar growth in the upcoming years.

How do I get involved?

Become a Peer Mentor!

As a mentor, you will provide guidance, friendship, and insight on being a first-gen student at Middlebury. You will meet new people, develop leadership skills, and get to participate in fun events on and around campus. If you would like to become a mentor, please submit an application by visiting go/fgmentor.

Become a Mentee!

As a mentee, you will develop a close relationship with your mentor and learn about different resources available to you on campus. You will also participate in fun events that will help you get to know Middlebury and surrounding areas. If you are interested in becoming a mentee, please submit an application by visiting go/fgmentee.

What kinds of events and activities are there for first-gen students?

Examples of ongoing activities that promote first-gen visibility and help foster community among first-gen students include dinners and monthly workshops. Some events also collaborate with other Middlebury resources, such as the first-gen study abroad panel. There are also opportunities for off-campus activities, such as a trip to the Hathaway Farm corn maze or a visit to the Ben and Jerry's factory. In the month of May specifically, First-Gen Fridays include a series of programming ranging from art projects to smoothie-making, and culminates with #ProofPointDay where students reflect on what being first-gen means to them.

Do I have to have participated in First@Midd to be a peer mentor or mentee?

No, First @ Midd is the optional four day pre-orientation program for first-gen first-years, and you do not have to have participated in it to join the Peer Mentoring Program. The peer mentoring program is a great way to get involved with the first-gen community at Middlebury, whether or not you have been in the First @ Midd program.