Brainerd Commons Council

The mission of Brainerd's Commons Council is to provide events for Brainerd students.  The council serves as a self-governing body for students, and it supports individual students initiatives by allocating portions of the student activities fee to causes that have passed a majority vote by council members.  All students in Brainerd are a part of the council, and all are able to come to the meetings to vote.

Brainerd council meetings are held every week - Fall meeting times will be announced in the kNOwBRAINERd Newsletter.

The Council Chairs

Commons chairs run commons council meetings, plan commons events, and work closely with the residential life staff to create a vibrant community.  Collectively, the chairs of the five commons make up the InterCommons Council (ICC) which allows for activity planning to occur between the commons.  Chairs can support individual student initiatives, so contact them if you have a great idea that you'd like to see happen.

Past  Brainerd Council Events:
  • Bite of Brainerd Food Festival
  • Barbeque and Tie Dying Party
  • First-Year Feast Dinner at Atwater Dining
  • Family-style dinners at the Commons House
  • Bacchanalia Extravaganza
  • Halloween Haunted House
  • Winter Carnival's Themed Dinners
  • Senior Wine Tasting
  • Senior Waybury Inn Brunch
  • Gingerbread House-making Party
  • Casablanca Party
  • Apple and Pumpkin Picking
  • Laser Tag
  • Prohibition Party
  • Sunday Night Snacks in Stew Pit
  • Scrabble Tournament
  • Bus Trip to the Opera
  • Gatsby Party
  • Snake Mountain Hike
  • Saturday Knitting in the Commons House
  • Toasty Tuesdays in Hepburn Lounge
  • Ninja Night in Hepburn Lounge
  • Tea at Ten