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About Cook
Reginald Cook (right) and his good friend Robert Frost (left)

The namesake of Cook Commons, Reginald "Doc" Cook, was one of Middlebury's most celebrated English teachers.  Cook was popular and respected by his students and respected by his peers because of his love of learning and because of the high expectations he held for all.  Born in Mendon, Massachusetts in 1903, Cook graduated from Middlebury in 1924.  He then studied at Oxford for two years as a Rhodes Scholar and returned to Middlebury as a professor in the Department of American Literature.

Cook served Middlebury as a faculty member for forty years and, he also served as the Department Chair for many years. In 1946, Cook became the director of The Bread Loaf School of English. With great wisdom and skill he built Bread Loaf on high academic standards for both faculty and students. His final session in 1964 was a signal success, with an enrollment of 211, and 33 students successfully earning their Masters degree that year. These statistics clearly marked real growth and a turning point for Bread Loaf.

Reginald Cook retired from the College in 1969. He was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters by Middlebury in 1960 and by St. Michaels College in 1972. He wrote two books on his good friend Robert Frost -- The Dimensions of Robert Frost, in 1958, and Robert Frost, a Living Voice, in 1974. He also wrote on Thoreau, Passage to Walden, and on Emerson, Selected Prose and Poetry, as well as many critical papers. "Doc" Cook died in August 1984.

Cook's Mascot
The Cook Flying Pig

Cook’s mascot is the flying pig. Pigs are a genus of even-toed ungulates within the family Suidae. Despite their reputation for gluttony, pigs are generally social and intelligent animals. Cook chose the pig and in particularly the flying pig, as its mascot because of these qualities.

The color for Cook Commons is blue.

Cook's Traditions

If you are already a Cook Commons student, you are well aware of our traditions. If you are a new First Year, recently placed in Cook Commons, welcome aboard. We know you will have a truly unique, fun, and intellectually stimulating experience in Cook Commons and at Middlebury College.

Resource Guide

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