Do all students belong to a Commons?

All students are assigned a Commons affiliation when they matriculate and remain affiliated with that Commons for the duration of their enrollment.  They rely on their Common's Team for support with personal matters.

Additionally, every residential property is affiliated with a Commons office for oversight.  When students live in a building affiliated with a different commons than their own they still rely on their commons for assistance with personal matters, but report facilities concerns to the Res Life staff and Commons office which manages the property.

How are the Commons organized?

Each Commons administration includes:

  • Commons Head (typically a tenured member of the faculty and at times his or her partner). The Commons Head is responsible for setting the academic and social tone of the Commons and for programming activities (lectures, field trips, parties, and other events) that involve students, faculty, and staff.
  • Commons Dean (a student affairs professional). The Commons Dean administers the daily operations of the Commons and handles all residential issues, as well as academic and personal advising.
  • Commons Coordinator (a staff member) who helps with all that's involved in administering the daily functioning of the Commons.
  • Commons Residence Director, or CRD interacts closely with the students in the Commons, helps organize activities, and provide leadership to the Commons.
I've got a concern that I'd like to talk about with someone. Whom should I call?

Please contact your Commons Dean about residential life, academic (Dean's Excuse, Exam Change, etc.), and personal issues. To find out how to contact your Commons Dean, visit the website for your commons (Atwater, Brainerd, Cook, Ross, Wonnacott)

If you do not know whom to contact, please call the Dean of the College Office (x5382) for assistance.

Whom do I contact regarding the Administration Committee?

Karen Guttentag (x5771) - Associate Dean of the College

Whom do I contact regarding international student issues?
  • Commons Dean* (by residence)
  • Kathy Foley-Giorgio (x5858) - International Student and Scholars Services