Ann Craig Hanson

Dean of Ross Commons

003 RCD


Ann Craig Hanson has served at Middlebury in a variety of Dean’s positions for over 20 years.    She was at Middlebury when the Commons system was implemented and has been delighted to help it grow and develop.

Ann has been committed to education her entire life.  She attended Stanford as an undergraduate, got a Masters at the Harvard Graduate School of education and a Ph.D. in Higher Education at UCLA.  She completed her dissertation on  academic dishonesty.

As an educator, she has been interested in coaching, mentoring and steering students in the directions they need, to meet their academic goals and personal dreams.  She has served as a Posse Mentor at Middlebury with two Posse’s, Middlebury New York Posse 8 and Middlebury Chicago Posse 1. 

When she is not “deaning” she lives outside of Middlebury with her husband John and their golden retriever.  She has two grown sons, one of whom went to Middlebury. An avid baseball fan, she follows both College baseball and of course the Red Sox!