The Council Chairs

Commons chairs run commons council meetings, plan commons events, and work closely with the residential life staff to create a vibrant community.  Collectively, the chairs of the five commons make up the InterCommons Council (ICC) which allows for activity planning to occur between the commons.  Chairs can support individual student initiatives, so contact them if you have a great idea that you'd like to see happen.

Wonnacott Commons Council

The mission of Wonnacott's Commons Council is to provide students with the ability to program events that they would like to see happen.  The council allows individual students to have agency within the commons, as portions of the student activities fee are allocated through the Council to individual student initiatives.

Wonnacott Council meetings will be held TBD.


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Past Wonnacott Council Events:
  • Commons Creep
  • Raise the Volume Benefit Concert
  • Winter Carnival Ice Sculpture Contest
  • Family Style Dinners in Atwater Dining Hall
  • Evenings in the Commons Head's House
  • Apple and pumpkin picking
  • Pad Thai and Politics
  • Sunday night Snacks
  • White Water Rafting
  • Midd's Got Talent (formerly known as Global Rhythms)
    -An annual tradition of showcasing Middlebury College's talented students.  This campus wide talent show provides wonderful entertainment and amazing students.
  • The Wonnacott Award
    -This award is given annually to a current or a past Wonnacott student who exemplifies many of the qualities of Erica Wonnacott, the namesake of Wonnacott Commons. Only current seniors, juniors, and sophomores are eligible to be nominated.
  • The Zak Award
    -This award is given annually to a first year Wonnacott student who exemplifies many of the qualities of Lorraine Zak, Wonnacott's first Coordinator.
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Mailing Address:
Wonnacott Commons Middlebury College
14 Old Chapel Road
Middlebury, VT  05753

Physical location:
Battell South Room 123
MariAnn Osborne, Commons Coordinator
Tel: (802) 443-3350
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