Council Minutes 01-10-12

Wonnacott Commons Council Meeting January 10, 2012

 1) - long-sleeved tshirts (Anne)

         - font and image on the back

         - figure out pricing

         - sign up sheet in the office or email back to wonnacottcc google docs

Finish product by: Friday Jan 13, 2012

Email on the 14th about interest for shirts

subsidize the price to make it  $10


2) Ping pong table ~ $300- 400 - ask Ross Commons about their ping pong table (ASAP!) (Anne)

Figure out table by Sunday and buy on monday!


2) - Tracker (Alex + Kristin + Juliet)

         -trial run for JTERM for only Battell with clothespins ( Kristen + Juliet ) + prize?

         - positive results à spring term tracker with orange socks

         who will play?

         when will it start?


-Charter House Dinner (Joyce - email Wonnacott about interest)

         - Hannah and Simran are leading them on Monday January 16, 2012


-Community Service Activities for the future

         - ask tonight about potential leader for community service ( ask during council and email)

                   - Naila


- Raise the Volume (benefit concert sponsored by Wonnacott )

         - Charity: HELA

                   - email about the charity - Stanis   

-       Anyone with an artist in mind should look up their booking agencies

  •  contact their agents and ask about their price range and possible dates they can come
  • first ask for available dates but if asked for what dates would be best, say early March and early April

         - by next Tuesday January 17, 2012: for each candidate price for the agent for the artist and potential dates they are available

- YOGA weekly?  for Spring Term ( Alex check on the popularity )

- Inner House Council (IHC) Ball in CFA from all the social houses

         - go to the ICC ( Diego and Maria )

                   - email them the form for pool fund (ICC)


- Rave/ party  for JTERM (Viv)

         time: Saturday

         location: Gannex


- Anais Mitchell (Stanis )

         - benefit concert?

- Spring Event

         - Dodgeball



For Tri-Chairs


-Sophmore Event

         - choosing the movie

                   - Gladiator , Braveheart , .....

Deadline : Next Tuesday

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