Council Meeting 02-14-12

Wonnacott Meeting Minutes 2/14/12

 Charles – play Promethius? Hepburn Zoo

-         wants to attract people who normally do not go to theater

    • BEHIND the scenes with costume design + fondue Friday = build community
    • mid semester visit with costume designer
    • another event before the show
    • Free tickets for Wonnacott students
    • Needs money for costumes, set design,
    • ~$600 budget but wants = ~ $200
    • an event for the arts ; different from the usual food event
    • volunteers for backstage for the play: Wonnacott pool

 Jenna – “Just Talks”

    • want feed back
    • trial in Spring?
    • Get FYC’s have hall meeting and have Ria talk about it
    • Amr suggested including in first year seminar or winter workshop/ j-term

 Eric Hutchinson – assign roles

    • Volunteer to hand out posters
    • Talk to Debby Anderson about tickets
    • Price?
    • How to advertise?
    • Follow up on Dave and Sean.

 Ping pong table! Lets get it! Yeaaaaah! – buy it! 

  • Tracker? 
  • Febs – follow up? 
  • Amr’s thing: SECRET SMILE!
    • secret smile
    • entire week (every day) give something nice to your secret partner
    • partay
    • secret person will be REVEALED!
    • WHEN?
    • WHO? – Within buildings
    • Amr and Simran will take this up

 Feedback from frosh in council: how has the semester been with Wonnacott?

    • -GROUP TRIP!
    • -HIKES!
    • -CAMP!
    • -TEDDY BEAR FACTORY – amr says PLEASE!
    • -super smash bro tourney
    • optional activities led by senior: campus field day




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