05-01-12 Minutes

Agenda For May 1, 2012 Wonnacott Commons Council Meeting

 Old Business

Tracker: 5 people left STILL

Wonnacott Senator: NAILA JAHAN (go/vote) (THURSDAY 05/03)

Academic Trips

            - Ellery and Anthony : tie dye  (maybe)

Cutting Down The Budget to 6K with 45K – meeting with Deb - approved

Sushi Night - Linda Tran (May 14)

Titan Project

-          Fondue Friday  (05/4)

-          Tickets With Brenda?

-  Naila Jahan: working backstage for Prometheus (remind Charles –Joyce)

Finals Week- Stress Relievers

 Late night snacks, different from midnight breakfast

Monday Midnight Snack (05/14)

            Battell and Gifford

Masseuse (2) – Tuesday (Karen Liu + Brenda) (Have it done by this Sunday)

-          Gannex

-          Chai and snacks

Wednesday (Wednesday Night)

Relaxing music

Stress free zone

-          hugs and compliments

-          warm and fuzzies

Thursday (Petting Things Thursday)

Friday (Fondue Friday) 

Gifford Potluck  – Simran 

Relay for Life update (05/4) (Stanis and Simran)

            - “JUMP SHIP (NO NAILA)!!!!!!! “- Simran

 Beautification Across Wonnacott à Wonnacott Improvement

-          Painting inside the dorms (Brenda and Stanis)

  • Wonnacott Lounges (Battell, Starr, Painter or maybs giff)
    • Painting with different colors

-          Art for Wonnacott Lounges and Kitchens (Simran and Nick)

  • Buying frames
  • Paintings
  • Pictures from Vincent

-          Kitchen Cabinet Lock for Nunnery (Simran)

-          Second set of cookware for Gifford and a complete set for Battell (Stanis)

  • Create inventory

-          TV for Starr?

-         Vacuum Cleaners for Every Wonnacott Hall (Kristen and Stanis - TOP PRIORITY! )

  • 1 For Wonnacott Housing
  • Accountability for the vacuum cleaner: sign up sheet

 New Business

 -          Meeting this Thursday for ICC (New and Old Tri-Chairs) and SGA Finance –Grille Conference Room (dinner will be served) 6pm (Joyce will email)

-          Last Wonnacott Councils Meeting Next Week for the Year

  • Celebratory dinner
  • Sabai Sabai or Two Brothers

-          A Day for Orange Out During Finals Week

  • All Wonnacotters wear orange
  • War paint
  • FRIDAY (NEXT 5/11)

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