09-08-12 Minutes

Minutes from Executive Session, Saturday, September 8, 2012:

 1. Council meeting time - Weekly meetings on Mondays at 6:30 (recommended to get food at 6:15 and be seated at 6:30). First choice of location: Redfield, then the Ross seminar room on the main floor. Stanis will inquire about reserving the space. The first meeting will be Monday the 17th.

 2. Saturday Night Karaoke - We will begin this Saturday the 15th with bi-weekly karaoke from midnight until 2:00. Nick will contact Cook (also ask about the Wonnacook block party). Stanis will talk to the Grille about cookies. Naila and Nick will deal with events management and marketing. Karen will talk to MCAB (Ashali/Social Committee) about a karaoke machine.

 3. Artwork - we will figure out spaces for the art Stanis bought. Attached are the three pieces I made for the B2S lounge; Karen and Naila will negotiate a price with Nick and get the pieces printed at Reprographics. We should also think of what we want to do with the current artwork in the B2S lounge.

4. Miscellaneous -

            - Saturday, September 22, Stanis is leading a United Days of Caring service project at Beeman Elementary.

            - Raise the Volume will be in the Spring (February or March). We will be thinking of artists to reach out to.

            - Global Rhythms will be in the Fall - we need a date soon and will decide on one after the next ICC meeting. Be thinking of possible dates.

            - Stanis will inquire about apple picking for possibly the weekend of the 29th or later.

            - Stanis will probably be leading a hike this weekend of the 15th.

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