10-04-11 Minutes

Agenda for 10/04/11

  1. Old Business
    1. Welcoming introduced
    2. Initial ideas

                    i.      Fire Pit

  1. Stanis will meet with Linda

              ii.      NYTIMES for Wonnacott----

             iii.      Sushi Night/ Dinners For Battell or Hall

  1. Yuki + Logan + Linda
  2. First-Years

             iv.      Quidditch -Cameron Cup

  1. Competition with only Ross — challenging them—initial spark for competition
    1. Limitation: too many competitions if it is 1-1
    2. Advantages: easy to start it up and unanimous approval
    3. Talk with ICC / Ross Commons Council

            v.      Murals / Sprucing Up Battell

  1. Ideas for Wonnacott Spirit gear –

            i.      Orange Socks

           ii.      Sweats w/ squirrels  w/ tail / Ripped up Pants

           iii.      Orange and sparkly

          iv.      T-shirt

          v.      ORANGE Sunglasses for first party in GIFF ANNEX

         vi.      Tank tops with a tail

         vii.      Glow in dark boxer

        viii.      Onesies with a tail

        ix.      Jumpsuits

        x.      Black polo, bball shorts, button-down

       xi.      Long sleeve t-shirts – printed squirrel tail - Nic, Taylor, Courtney, Naila , Alex, Paul, Abre---SWAG TEAM

  1. 1.    COSTS
    1. a.   10 – 15 dollars
    2. Events in Review

                    i.      Wonnacook Block Party

  1. New Business
    1. Fondue Friday plus Grill-out –“Fondon’t” (Anne)

                   i.      Stanis- wonnacott apron-- orange

  1. Smash Bro Tournament – (Mitch)
  2. Haunted Corn Maze @ Weybridge (Joyce) Friday 10/28  homecoming weekend
  3. GLOBAL RHYTHMS –NOVEMBER 5th !!!!!! (Alex)

              i.      Theme

  1. Squirrel
  2. Stanis Bobble Head Dolls

             ii.      Sign-Up Sheet

  1. Difficulty in getting acts and commitment issues
  2. Early commitment
  3. Initial Ideas + Guideline for Proposals? (Joyce)
    1. Dessert making competition—Abra and Stanis

              i.      All Wonnacott Event

             ii.      Dessert Monday

            iii.      Judges will taste it

            iv.      Co-op involvement—alex?

  1. B2S bball and smash bro competition

IV.  Upcoming Events (Anne)

  1. Sat 10/8 – Apple Picking

               i.      Stanis –send an email to wonnacott

              ii.      Caramel apples?

  1. Sun 10/16 – Snake Mountain Sunset Hike (Simran)
  2. Improvement for Next Meeting
    1. General Announcements instead of details or nitty gritty
    2. Throwing out ideas for the first half of the meeting/ Proposals

                 i.      Later on in the semester , consistent members would be come back with the information they have

                ii.      Assigning tasks to people in the latter part of the meeting for all the ideas – asking them to research. Let someone take ownership

  1. Ask them to email to proposal
  2. Have A Structure

                i.      Time slots

VI.  Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 11th, 2011 @ 8PM B2S lounge (email will be sent)

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