10-08-12 Minutes

Wonnacott Commons Council Meeting

October 8, 2012 

Present: Simran, James, Brent, Cindy, Ian, Joel, Meagan, Sarah, Karen, Naila, Stanis

Guests: Jamal Piper, Hudson Cavanaugh, Taylor Bickford 

Ridgeline Music Fest Proposal: all day music fest happening on Homecoming weekend to feature student and faculty bands and a guest band from Skidmore College.

-Event Breakdown: starts after the football game, dinner hiatus, reconvene with more live bands and DJ.

-Change the perspective of ridgeline perspectives. Palmer a more proactive place. 

-No ADP, Xenia, Mods. Mainly Brooker, Palmer (live music hub), (Tavern—consecutive DJ) involved.

-Showcase for student bands and stand-up comedy.

-Establishing precedent with this event—supplies can be used and recycled.

-Wonnacott—last resort funding option. Significantly reduced fees.

-Bare essentials request from Wonnacott—advertising and convenience fees.

Motion to approve the allotment of $298.99 to the Ridgeline Music Fest. Motion is passed.  

Grilling Club: Barbeque event for locally grown meat.

-Promote understanding of the production of locally-processed meat. Flyers. 

-Occurs on Sunday afternoon during homecoming or after.

-Spoke to local farmers: about $220 for meat.

-Buns and drinks expense: Dining Hall.

-Using Cook/Wonnacott or Dining Grills

-Wonnacott Oktoberfest with root beer, cream soda, and sausages.

-Sampling of meats instead of offering full-sized meals.

-Perhaps Wonnacook for joint funding.

-Activities in the side: flag football during half time.

Motion to approve the allotment of $200.00 to the Wonnacott Oktoberfest. With the recommendation that Jamal approaches Cook and the Residential Sustainability Coordinators for further funding and the implementation of flag football with a stipulation that he can come back for more in funding as a last-case scenario. Motion is passed.

 Other Agenda Items:

 -No corn maze this year—fund will be directed to the haunted house for Commons Creep instead.

-Saturday Night Karaoke—ask for volunteers, give ownership for Wonnacott residents to host it.




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