9-27-11 Minutes


Agenda for 9/27/11

  1. Old Business
    1. Welcoming introduced
    2. Initial ideas

i.      Dance Marathon? How sponsor
ii.      Hawaiian Luau
iii.      Lake Dunmore – BBQ  (needs to be done soon)                                              
iv.      Monday Night Football
 v.      Smash brother tournament in bihall – street fighter
vi.      Paintball

  1. Ideas for Wonnacott Spirit gear
  2. Events
    i.      Sat 9/14 – United Ways Day of Caring: Trail Maintenance
    ii.      Sun 9/15 Tam Trail Run
  3. New Business
    1. WonnaCook Block Party (Sat 10/1) (Joyce)
      i.      Provide sound system, games
      i.      T-shirts
  4. Yoga – First one: Fri 9/30 @ 3pm Giff Annex (Joyce)
  5. More ideas? (lets get one on the calendar for October!) (Alex)
        i.      Camp fire?
        ii.      New york times (gone!) – ALEX EMAIL LUCAS
  6. Just for wonnacott? – Lucas                                                 iii.      Fire pit near Battell? ($150) – STANIS
  7. Permit issues?
  8. Run it by Ed Sullivan 
    iv.      Dining services – When can we cook? - 
    v.      Private Business? – got to Elizabeth Robinson (Old Stone Mill)
    vi.      Community dinner – wonnacott will fund students- ANNE
  9. Make a community dinner Proposal
    1. What cooking
    2. Estimated cost
    3. Head count
    4. Logan and Miles  - Juliet                                              vii.      Archery? – go to PE
      viii.      Student led Hikes - ALEX
  10. Tri-Chairs: Find out if liability? 
    ix.      Super smash bro Tournament – Mitch will lead – will be campus wide – (remind Mitch – JOYCE)
  11. Equipment?
  12. Sponsorship?
  13. Space rental
  14. Buy Nintendo 64 -  run by Brenda
  15. ASK – Library, CCal
  16. Cameron cup?
    x.      Quidditch  - Cameron cup?
    xi.      Renovation - STANIS
  17. Battell
    1. Renovate kitchen and basement
    2. New furnature? à talk to Linda Ross
    3. Star Hall: Vincent taking care of it
      xii.      CORN MAZE!  -à Do it OCTOBER! Set a DATE (JOYCE – email Tyler Norris)
      xiii.      Alex Bicksonà parties
      iv.      More murals (waiting for proposal)
  18. Approved by Wayne Hall (CC Nashes) 
             xv.      Make a guide to how to come about planning an event (JOYCE – scan proposal)
             xvi.      Council email list (official)
             xvii.      More baking supplies -  STANIS
  19. Get inventory excel 
            xviii.      Wonnacott Watercloset– STANIS
            xix.      Big calendar - ANNE – email
  20. REPO – Linda Graph
  21. Index
    xx.      Paper cut money for Wonnacott? Ask Brenda - 

    xxi.      Get sports equipment for wonnacott? BEFORE OCT 1st!
  22. 1.    Kickballs!
    xxii.      Doodle for Chairs – ANNE
  1. Cameron’s Cup – ideas?
  2. Get emails for official CC

IV.  Upcoming Events (Anne)

  1. Sat 10/1 WonnaCook Block Party @ 3-5
  2. Sat 10/8 – Apple Picking
    i.      Caramel apples?
  3. Sat 10/15 – Snake Mountain Hike
  4. V.   Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 @ 8 B2S lounge (email will be sent

For Wonnacook Block Party (Stanis)

  • Kick Balls
  • Frisbees
  • cones 

Whenever someone proposes an event, lead them to the link that has the guide


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