Christina Chyr '17

Wonnacott First Year Counselor (FYC)

Battell Center Room 101

Hey everyone, I’m Christina and I’m really excited to be your FYC! Last year, I was an RA in Gifford, which is the sophomore housing for Wonnacott (and it was sick- definitely something to look forward to as a sophomore). This year, I’m looking forward to an even better experience! A little bit about myself: I’m a junior, bio major, pre-med, and education studies minor. And I’m from the 3-0-5 (google that area code lol). I love singing in the shower, chilling with my cats, going for a swim, watching Game of Thrones, playing League of Legends, going on adventures, and so much more! Never be afraid to reach out to me or pass by my room! I’m easy to talk to and I won’t ever judge (unless you steal my food, which is a big no-no).


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Mailing Address:
Wonnacott Commons Middlebury College
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Physical location:
Battell South room 123
MariAnn Osborne, Commons Coordinator
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