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Housing for Next Year...

Middlebury College has a great variety of housing options for students - single, double and triple rooms, suites, small houses, apartments, townhouses, interest houses, SuperBlocks and Social Houses.

Beginning in January and continuing through the Spring Term there are a number of housing processes which take place offering students the opportunity to select housing for the following Fall Term. 

Options such as Resdiential Life positions, Academic or Special Interest Houses, Social Houses, or Superblocks, as well as living off-campus each have application processes and take place first.  Later in the Spring, generally in April, all students who did not receive housing in one of those procedures participate in various housing exercises for beds across the campus in suites, small senior houses, doubles and singles. etc.

Fall Term bed assignments can continue on into the Winter and Spring Terms should a student's status not change and if they have not committed themselves to, or requested, a room change. 

Students who are unhoused as of the end of the Spring Term "Room Draw" process will be assigned beds by the Residential Systems Coordinator during the Summer Draw process.

With so many options it can be a little confusing.  Questions are welcome so please feel free to contact us if you need a little help.