COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Application and Room Selection

Students who have already been assigned or committed to a fall term bed through the following processes are not eligible to participate in further application processes and should not complete an application:

  • Specialty Housing

    • Academic Interest

    • Special Interest

    • Social Houses

    • Superblocks

  • Approved to Live Off-Campus

  • Committed to Fall Study Abroad Program


Review the instruction guide and sign into your Housing Portal to start your application.

Students have the option to go through the room selection process individually or as part of a roommate group. Roommate groups can be formed with up to eight (8) people per group. Individuals and groups will select housing from available space at their designated timeslot. Groups must fill all bed space within a small house, townhouse/apartment, suite, or room.

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Access your Application.

Choose the “Application” tab at the top, select the correct term toward the bottom of the page, and click “Save & Continue.”

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Assign a designated Group Leader for your roommate group, or as an Individual, start an Application.

Navigate through the pages using the steps at the top of the application. Please complete the following steps:

  • Review the Personal and Application Details pages.

  • Read and understand the Student Housing Contract.

  • Begin your Application section.

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For Individuals:

  • If you are applying as an individual, click on “Create Your Application.”

  • The application name must be formatted as the Individual’s Last Name, First Name (i.e. Middlebury, Micah).

  • Create a unique password to access and edit your application.


For Roommate Groups:

  • Designate a Group Leader to start your group application.

    • Students applying in Roommate Groups must designate one Group Leader to manage your group. The Group Leader will start the group’s application by clicking on “Create Your Application.”

    • The application name must be formatted as the Group Leader’s Last Name, First Name (i.e. Middlebury, Micah).

    • The Group Leader must create a unique password to share with group members so they can join the group application.

  • Members of the roommate group join the application.

    • Once the Group Leader creates the group application and shares the application name and password, all group members must complete the following in their housing portal:

      • Review the Personal and Application Details pages.

      • Read and understand the Student Housing Contract.

      • Join the application by clicking on “Join a Roommate Group” on the Application page.

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All Group Leaders and Individuals must verify the application.

Once all roommate group members have joined the application, the Group Leaders and all Individuals must return to their “Application” page and “Verify Application” by the application deadline (July 6, 2020).

    • Please do NOT verify your application until all your group members have joined the group. Doing so will block your application from your members and eliminate your application from the time slot process.


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Receive randomly generated time slot.

Following the close of the application period, applications that have been verified will be included in a space selection process during which time slots are assigned randomly.  Time slot information will be emailed to all individuals and group members.

Please designate one member of your group to log into the housing portal during your time slot to select spaces that are available at that time. It is advisable that only one roommate group member perform the bed selection process as to not flood or slow down the housing portal.  Time slots remain active until a space is selected.


Select a space.

Please be prepared for the room selection process. Research the spaces you and your group are interested in, and rank them. We highly recommend setting up a time to meet with your group ahead of time and create a list of at least 10 different housing options and preferences. Doing so will help you to find and select a space more efficiently during the selection process.

  • Once a group’s time slot has begun, please assign one member of the group to sign on and go to the “Rooms” page. 

  • Use the Room Space Wizard to:

    • Choose a space for the members of the group based on what is available as of that time.

    • Click on the list of available residence halls to navigate to the different space available in that building.

    • Once you have selected the residence hall you are interested in, narrow down to available floors, and available rooms:

      • When viewing available rooms, please note that “1/1” and “2/2” indicates the number of bed spaces available. For example, 1/1 would be a single with one space available, 2/2 is a double with two open spaces, 1/2 would be a double with one open bed.  

      • Choose the space(s) you and your group want and click “Save & Continue.”

      • To view details about a space, use the magnifying glass to the right of the location.


Assigning beds.

  • The final step involves assigning bed space.

    • Using the list of roommate members, carefully assign bed space. 

      • Please know which bed you are assigning to which member of your group ahead of time. 

  • Click “Reserve Beds” to solidify the assignments.