Fall Term Housing Processes

Updated for the 2019-2020 academic year

The various housing processes are offered in the order listed below - with some overlapping. Sometimes a choice between options is required.   It is advisable to give opportunities careful consideration knowing that once a commitment has been made, an individual is obligated to honor that choice and may not continue to participate in other processes.

Students may participate in more than one application process, i.e. Superblock, Social House, Off Campus, if the procedures are running concurrently and they are not already committed.  However, the applicant should be sure to notify the groups' leaders that they are considering other options.  This will allow the leaders to prepare accordingly and have back-up measures in place and still meet housing deadlines.

When a leader submitts a final roster all students - leaving, coming and staying, should be copied which acts as confirmation of a commitment to that housing unit. 

Students should respond to all housing requests for information so the processes can move along smoothly and ensure each student is given consideration and assigned housing if need be.

Manipulation of the Room Draw process is a serious matter and could result in college discipline.

Open Draws - How They Work

Open Draws take place in the StarRez portal. 

NOTE:  In an Open Draw an individual who wishes to participate by themselves is still considered a "group" and will need to create a Roommate Group.

Each draw has 3 required steps:

  1. Applications, i.e. Roommate Groups, are submitted by a deadline, (failure to complete/verify will exclude an individual/group from the draw)
  2. Time slots are awarded to only those groups which have been Verified by the Group Leader by the posted deadline
  3. Groups (including "groups" of 1) choose spaces

Students should form a roommate group with enough members to fill the largest size space in which they have an interest - see first example below..."sizing-up".  Maximum size for groups are:

  • Junior/Senior 6pp
  • Sophomore 4pp

Individuals may only be part of one group within a particular draw, i.e. Senior Only or Mixed Junior/Senior.  After everyone has joined a group the group leader must "Verify" the group by returning to his/her StarRez portal.  This is the final seal of approval that the group/individual's request is complete.  ALL applications must be "VERIFIED" in order to be assigned a Time Slot.  Changes may not be made to a group after it is verified.

Any member of a group may select beds for the others, but only one person should do the assigning.  The offical Group Leader must always be assigned a bed first.


  • After much discussion so they are all on the same page, Sally and friends are hoping for a 4 or 5pp Atwater suite, but if none is available when it comes their time to choose, a 6pp Lang suite would be o.k.  Last resort would be to find singles near each other.
    • Sally's creates a Roommate Group and the 5 other members join the group.  Sally - because she started the group, "Verifies" the group at which point no changes can be made.
    • When Time Slots are randomly awarded all members of the group receive the same slot.
    • When their Time Slot opens up any member of the group can assign beds for any of the other members.
    • They will see all available spaces - singles though to 6pp suites/houses.
    • Time to choose...Schucks!  No 4 or 5pp Atwater suite is left...but there is a 6pp Lang...they can either choose that space or independent spaces of any size elsewhere like a double in Chateau, 2 singles in Atwater and 2 in Forest.
  • Mark, Tom and Elise are all going to be Brainerd sophomores so they know they will all be housed in the Brainerd Commons Community - Hepburn. 

(As much as they would like to have their friend, Jennifer, join them alas she will be a Ross sophmore and can't because she will llve with her Ross mates in the Ross Community.)

Mark, Tom and Elise would really like to at least be on the same floor and hopefully in singles.

    • They form a 3pp Roommate Group and all get the same Time Slot.
    • Ahead of time they outline their priorities.
      • 2nd, 3rd floors first, after that any order
      • better to live together than all in singles in which case Mark and Tom have agreed to share a double
    • When they get to choose, there is 1 single and a double near-by on the 2nd floor so Mark assigns those spaces: Elise in the single, Tom and Mark in the double.
    • Opps, would like to change to the 3rd floor...  SORRY, ALL ASSSIGNMENTS ARE FINAL
  • Miro really just wants a single in LaForce but is worried he won't be available when his Time Slot opens up.  Hmmmm...what does he do?
    • He finds at least one other friend and they discuss their housing hopes. He, Fred and Samantha create a 3pp Roommate Group and all get awarded the same Time Slot.
    • When their Time slots starts, omes Miro isn't in class so he can join his mates in the room selection process. Only one member of the group should select spaces for all members so Miro take the controls.  The Group's leader must first be assigned a bed, and Miro is assigned one of the LaForce singles.  Fred is also free at that time and Miro places him in an Atwater single, and one in Starr for Samantha.  Samantha's first choice was Chateau but there were no singles there.  Wow, that worked out pretty well.

Summer Draw

Any student active for the Fall Term and not assigned a bed by the end of the room draw processes will be housed during the Summer Draw housing process which takes place in late August.