Junior / Senior Online Room Draw

 Updated for 2019-2020

Room Draw is one of the annual spring traditions at Middlebury. The process allows students enrolled for the Fall semester the opportunity to choose rooms and roommates for the following academic year. The draw process is done on-line using the StarRez Housing Tool - you will be able to select your space from the comfort of your own room or even from another country!

Seniors and Juniors may apply for housing in any available location but retain the affiliation with their original Commons.  Commons affiliation does not have any impact on senior/junior room draw assignments. Students work with the Residential Life staff responsible for their residence about their housing but rely on their own Commons office for individual support.

Inside the On-line Draws

Note: If you are in one or more of these categories below for the Fall Term you are INELIGIBLE to participate in the following room draws:

  • Already committed to housing in another residential group, Off Campus Living, Interest or Social House, etc.;
  • Scheduled to participate in an Off-Campus Study program;
  • Scheduled to be withdrawn;
  • Scheduled to be a Special Student or 9th semester Teacher's Ed student;
  • Have committed to a Residential Life position: Resident Assistant (RA), Community Assistant (CA), or First Year Counselor (FYC);

If you are in one of these categories, submission of an application with your name included will not be valid. If, an application is submitted, your group will forfeit any space awarded and all members of the group will then be placed in Summer Draw.

Take a moment to view the StarRez Cheat Sheets posted on the go/starrezportal website to familiarize yourself with the terminology.

Applications will be accepted using the  StarRez Portal, and each person will need to sign on to their own portal and submit an application to participate as an individual or to join a Roommate Group.

A student can only be part of one application, i.e. Roommate Group, within a draw.

Applications to form Roommate Groups are only available during the acceptance period for any particular draw - see the Fall Housing Calendar.

Following the close of a StarRez application process additional members may not be added to an application and spaces may only be chosen if there are enough members of an application to fill that space.  

All members of a Roommate Group will be assigned the same random time slot.  Once the awarding process is begun, any member of a Room Draw group may sign on to choose a space for its predetermined members based on what is available as of that time.

Be aware that should a member of a small senior house, an apartment or suite (NOT a block of beds) withdraw from the unit following the end of the Fall Term housing process, it is the responsibility of the remaining members to work with the Residential Systems Coordinator to identify a viable replacement. Failure to do so could result in forfeiting the space and being rehoused.

Any indication of an attempt to manipulate the system will be taken seriously and could result in repercussions. 

Additionally, at any time during the academic year should less than 50% of the original room draw group remain in the house/apartment or suite the space may be reawarded and the RSC will work with the remaining residents to reassign other beds.

Room Draw Proxy

If you won't have regular email access during the room draw period, it is recommended that you form a Roommate Group so that another member of the group can choose a bed for you. 

Plan ahead and provide your Group Rep or proxy with a clear understanding of the spaces in which you are interested.