Quicklist: Fall 2019

Details below relate to 2019-2020
**Check back frequently for updates.**

Below is the "Quicklist" of the housing options offered in Junior/Senior Open Draws for the next academic year. Because of renovations and programming changes, the spaces offered this year aren't necessarily the same as last year. Remember that this list is not cast in stone; sometimes last-minute changes are made. The purpose of this information is to assist students in making plans, but it is important to be flexible.


  • 107 Shannon Street Apartments (SHA & SHB):  This property is scheduled for renovation this summer and the apartments will not be offered in the draws.
  • 220 College Street C (CLC): This 2-person apartment will be offered in the Open Draw process
  • 33 Adirondack House (A33): Will not be offered this year.
  • The Beach House (CL8): Will not be offered this year.
  • Chateau:  Only beds on the 3rd floor will be available and for Juniors only.
  • Gifford Suites A and B: Open Draw awards are only for Fall and Winter. The Residential Life office will work with any resident remaining on campus in the Spring to relocate.
  • Milliken J Suite: Is close to the Ross first-year and sophomore communities. This is not a 'party space' and residents are expected to be particularly respectful of the needs of the Ross Commons Team.  Failure to do so can result in mandatory rehousing.
  • LaForce I Suite:  Will not be offered this year.
  • Voter E Suite: Will not be offered this year.
  • Spaces near local communities: Students who reside within the Middlebury town community (e.g. Atwater Suites, Shannon and College Street properties, etc.) are expected to be good representatives of the College and be respectful of the needs of their neighbors.
  • Parking: The parking areas associated with housing and class year can be found on the Public Safety web page or by calling the office at 443-5133.
Sophomore Draw Information

Sophomore Draw information can be found on the Sophomore Housing and on your Commons specific webpages.   

Sophomore Housing
Atwater Commons
Brainerd Commons
Cook Commons
Ross Commons
Wonnacott Commons

Sophomores live within specific buildings assigned to their Commons. The Quicklist Information below provides general inforamtion for Junior and Senior Draws. 

If you have any questions about the Sophomore Draw, please contact your Commons Coordinator or CRD. 

  • All Open Draw processes will take place in StarRez.  To access your portal go to go/starrezportal.
  • You will not be able to begin your application until the housing process in which you are participating (Senior Only or Mixed Groups), is open for submissions.  See the go/roomdrawcalendar for details.
  • To gain a better understanding of how to use the StarRez portal when participating in one of the processes in which applications need to be submitted, roommate groups formed, and selections made refer to the sub-pages at go/starrezportal.
  • Assignments are final. Once a student is assigned a bed they have committed and only under rare circumstances may they forfeit that assignment.  If a bed is forfeited the individual will be housed during the Summer Draw process by the Residential Life office and is not eligible to participate in any further housing procedures.
  • Any student active for the Fall Term who does not have a bed assignment by the close of all Fall Term housing processes will be assigned a bed during the Summer Draw process. 
  • Individual beds (not part of a house, suite or other housing unit), even when chosen by members of the same roommate group cease to be a unit as of the end of the Open Draw process.  Any beds that become available will be filled by the Residential Life office (ex. a roommte group chooses four singles in Forest and one person doesn't return to campus).
  • Groups which are awarded suites/houses are expected to promptly fill any of their empty bed(s) if a minority of the members of the original group moves out, i.e. at the end of a term. When the majority of a group leaves, the Residential Life office determines how to fill the suite/house, which may require rehousing any remaining group members.

Determining a single from a double

How to figure out which rooms/beds are singles and which are doubles, which are part of a suite and which are not, etc. ...

Doubles have -1 and -2 after the room numbers where as singles do not.  For instance, in the VTR B suite below in the 6pp section, first note that all the beds/rooms have a B to indicate they are part of a suite.  And, 305B is a single but 405B-1 and 405B-2 are 2 beds in a true double.  There are also 2-room doubles which are noted with -A and -B. 

**Forest sinkmate rooms are treated as singles.

Use this link to access the Fall Housing Calendar


  • THS1 (001, 002, 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, 204)
  • THS2 (003, 004, 103, 104, 205, 206, 207, 208)
  • THS3 (005, 006, 105, 106, 209, 210, 211, 212)
  • THC1 (001, 002, 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, 204)
  • THC2 (003, 004, 103, 104, 205, 206, 207, 208)
  • THC3 (005, 006, 105, 106, 209, 210, 211, 212)
  • THC4 (007, 008, 107, 108, 213, 214, 215, 216)
  • THN1 (001, 002, 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, 204)
  • THN2 (003, 004, 103, 104, 205, 206, 207, 208)
  • THN3 (005, 006, 105, 106, 209, 210, 211, 212)
  • Voter 2nd Floor West (VTR) 
    • 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212-1, 212-2
    • Kitchen

Open Draw Spaces

The following spaces will be some of the spaces offered first in the Senior Only draw, and any remaining spaces will then be offered in the Mixes Junior/Senior draw.

There is no list of Singles or Doubles available as there are too many to list.  

In order for a student to be awarded a StarRez Time Slot so they must first create a Roommate Group and submit a verified  application in the StarRez portal

NOTE:  With the use of StarRez blocked rooms can no longer be offered.  This means that Forest sinkmates and pairs of singles cannot be offered as a 2-person unit.  Students who hope to choose sinkmated rooms or singles next to each other should create at least a 2-person Roommate Group and when their Time Slot begins can look to see what spaces are available.

Typically Singles are available in locations such as the Atwaters, Chateau, Forest, Gifford, Hepburn, Kelly, LaForce, Lang, Munford, Painter, and Starr.

Typically True Doubles are available in locations such as Chateau, Gifford, Hepburn, Painter, Starr.

6 person
  •  Lang (LNG)
    • Suite B: 245B-1, 245B-2, 246B, 247B, 248B-1, 248B-2
    • Suite D: 356D-1, 356D-2, 357D, 358D, 359D-1, 359D-2
    • Suite F: 458F-1, 458F-2, 459F, 460F, 461F-1, 461F-2
  • Turner House (TRN) SENIORS ONLY
    • 101, 102, 201, 202, 203, 204
    • Kitchen
  • Voter 2nd Floor East (VTR)
    • 201, 202, 203, 204, 205-1, 205-2
  • Voter (VTR)
    • Suite A: 301A, 302A, 303A, 304A, 401A, 402A
    • Suite B: 305B, 306B, 403B, 404B, 405B-1, 405B-2
    • Kitchenettes
5 person
  • 99 Adirondack View (A99) - SENIORS ONLY
    • 101, 102, 201, 202-1, 202-2
    • Kitchen
  • Atwater B (ATB)
    • Suite E: 207E, 208E, 209E, 210E, 211E
    • Suite I: 312I, 313I, 314I, 315I, 316I
    • Suite M: 412M, 413M, 414M, 415M, 416M
    • Kitchens
  • Gifford - (GFD) see note above about Spring Term rehousing
    • Suite B: 004B, 005B-1, 005B-2, 006B-1, 006B-2
  • Homer Harris House (HHH) - SENIORS ONLY
    • 101, 102, 201, 202-1, 202-2
    • Kitchen
  • Kelly (KLY)
    • Suite A: 234A, 235A, 236A, 237A-1, 237A-2
    • Suite C: 345C, 346C, 347C, 348C-1, 348C-2
    • Suite E: 447E, 448E, 449E, 450E-1, 450E-2
    • Suite G: 551G, 552G, 553G, 554G-1, 554G-2
  • Voter (VTR)
    • Suite D: 309D, 310D, 406D-1, 406D-2, 407D
4 person
  • Atwater A (ATA)
    • AAC: A203C, A204C, A205C, A206C
    • AAG: A308G, A309G, A310G, A311G
    • AAK: A408K, A409K, A410K, A411K
    • AAO: A508O, A509O, A510O, A511O
    • ABH: B312H, B313H, B314H, B315H
    • ABI: B317I, B318I, B319I, B320I
    • ABL: B412L, B413L, B414L, B415L
    • ABM: B417M, B418M, B419M, B420M
    • ABP: B512P, B513P, B514P, B515P
    • ABQ: B517Q, B518Q, B519Q, B520Q
    • ACJ: C321J, C322J, C323J, C324J
    • ACN: C421N, C422N, C423N, C424N
    • ACR: C521R, C522R, C523R, C524R
    • Kitchens
  • Atwater B (ATB)
    • BAD: A203D, A204D, A205D, A206D
    • BAH: A308H, A309H, A310H, A311H
    • BAL: A408L, A409L, A410L, A411L
    • BBB: B111B, B112B, B113B, B114B
    • BBF: B214F, B215F, B216F, B217F
    • BBJ: B319J, B320J, B321J, B322J
    • BBN: B419N, B420N, B421N, B422N
    • BCC: C115C, C116C, C117C, C118C
    • BCG: C218G, C219G, C220G, C221G
    • BCK: C323K, C324K, C325K, C326K
    • BCO: C423O, C424O, C425O, C426O
    • Kitchens
  • Atwater A (ATA)
    • ABA: B109A, B110A, B111A, B112A
    • ABD: B207D, B208D, B209D, B210D
    • ABE: B212E, B213E, B214E, B215E
    • ACB: C113B, C114B, C115B, C116B
    • ACF: C216F, C217F, C218F, C219F
    • No Kitchens
  • Gifford (GFD)
    • Suite A: 001A-1, 001A-2, 002A, 003A - see note above about rehousing in spring
  • LaForce (LAF)
    • Suite A: 124A, 125A, 126A, 127A
    • Suite B: 128B, 129B, 130B, 131B
    • Suite C: 201C, 202C, 203C, 204C
    • Suite D: 205D, 206D, 207D, 208D
    • Suite E: 209E, 210E, 211E, 212E
    • Suite F: 213F, 214F, 215F, 216F
    • Suite G: 301G, 302G, 303G, 304G
    • Suite H: 305H, 306H, 307H, 308H
    • Suite J: 313J, 314J, 315J, 316J
    • Suite K: 401K, 402K, 403K, 404K
    • Suite L: 405L, 406L, 407L, 408L
    • Suite M: 409M, 410M, 411M, 412M
    • Suite N: 413N, 414N, 415N, 416N
    • Kitchens
  • Milliken (MLK) - see important note above about this space
    • Suite J: 619J, 620J, 621J, 622J
  • Ross Tower (RST)
    • Townhouse B: 102B, 103B, 203B, 204B
    • Townhouse C: 104C, 105C, 205C, 206C
    • Townhouse E: 107E, 209E, 210E, 211E
    • Kitchens
  • Ridgeline View Suites (RVS)
    • Suite A: 001A, 002A, 003A, 004A
    • Suite C: 008C, 009C, 010C, 011C
    • Suite F: 101F, 102F, 103F, 104F
    • Suite G: 105G, 106G, 107G, 108G
    • Suite H: 109H, 110H, 111H, 112H
    • Suite I: 113I, 114I, 115I, 116I
    • Suite J: 117J, 118J, 119J, 120J
    • Suite K: 121K, 122K, 123K, 124K
    • Suite L: 201L, 202L, 203L, 204L
    • Suite M: 205M, 206M, 207M, 208M
    • Suite N: 209N, 210N, 211N, 212N
    • Suite O: 213O, 214O, 215O, 216O
    • Suite Q: 221Q, 222Q, 223Q 224Q
3 person
  • Hadley (HDY)
    • Suite A: 227A, 228A, 229A - Kitchen
  • Ross Tower (RST)
    • Townhouse A: 101A, 201A, 202A
    • Kitchen
  • Ridgeline View Suites (RVS)
    • Suite B: 005B, 006B, 007B
    • Suite D: 012D, 013D, 014D
    • Suite P: 218P, 219P, 220P
2 person
  • 220 College Street C (CLC)  SENIORS ONLY
    • Apartment with a true double
    • 201-1, 201-2
    • Kitchen

**Forest (FRE & FRW) sinkmate rooms are treated as singles but you can use this list to assist in identifying Forest Sinkmated room which may be available when your Time Slot is active.

  • Gifford (GFD) - true double
    • 044-1, 044-2
  • Painter (PTR) - two-room doubles
    • 101A and B
    • 201A and B
    • 301A and B
    • 311A and B
    • 401A and B
    • 411A and B
  • Starr (STH) - two-room doubles
    • 101A and B
    • 102A and B
    • 109A and B
    • 201A and B
    • 210A and B
    • 211A and B
    • 310A and B
    • 311A and B
    • 403A and B