Sophomore Draws

Late in the Spring Term first-year students (including first-year Febs), participate in a room draw to select sophomore year housing. Each Commons has specific beds set aside within their Commons Community for this purpose. Rising sophomores are only able to participate in their own Common's draw with other rising sophomores from their Commons.

Students who have already committed to another residential program, i.e. Res Life or Special Interest or Social House, are not eligible to participate in other housing processes for the same term.

Please make sure to review the information on this webpage, including the Commons-specific details below.

Sophomore Housing Basics
  • Sophomores may not switch Commons affiliations.
  • Sophomores may live in Academic, Special Interest and Social Houses. (View the sub-pages found here.)
  • Sophomores may not live in Superblocks until the Spring Term.
  • Rising sophomore Febs participate during all Fall Housing processes with their peers who matriculated the previous Fall Term.
  • In the StarRez on-line draws Sophomores will only see available spaces within their own Commons Community and may only participate with other sophomores from their commons.
  • Rising sophomores who submit individual/group applications will receive Time Slots specific to their Commons.  For further details about StarRez view this webpage.
  • Your Commons may choose to hold Quiet Hall or other unique process in advance of the on-line draw, i.e. Cook has one triple, PRS 100, and two 2-room doubles. Ross may offer the 5 and 6pp suites through an application process.  If so, such spaces will be awarded based on the merit of the members of an application at the discretion of the Commons Team.  Students who choose to participate in such processes are acknowledging the process is not based on any specific factors and there is no guarantee of an award.
  • Room assignments are final and once a student is assigned a bed they may not participate in any other Room Draw process.  In rare cases when a student is allowed to forfeit an assignment they are not eligible to participate in any further Fall Term housing processes and will be housed by the Residential Systems Coordinator during the Summer Draw process.

Information Sessions

Individual Commons may hold their own information session(s) to share details unique to their Common's housing and answerquestions.  Should you not be able to make the session contact your CRD or visit your Commons Coordinator if you have questions.  Additionally see the go/roomdrawcalendar for the dates of sessions offered by the Housing office.

Summer Draw

Some sophomores within each Commons maynot receive housing assignments during their Commons' live draw. Those students will be housed during the Summer Draw process. Students should not be concerned if they enter the summer without a housing assignment. All un-housed sophomores will be housed within their Commons communities.