Summer Draw

At the close of the annual Spring Term room selection processes in preparation for the Fall Term, there is typically a small group of students yet to be housed. These students will participate in what is termed the "Summer Housing" process or "Summer Draw."

If you find yourself in this situation an email will be sent to your Middlebury College email account by mid-July informing you that the Summer Housing Questionnaire has been posted which you should complete and submit. The information you provide on your questionnaire will offer insight into your housing hopes and needs.

Housing assignments will not be completed until the middle of August; please do not inquire about your assignment until after that time. When the process is completed you will receive another email message informing you to visit your StarRez portal to view details about your fall term housing assignment.

It is advantageous to wait as late in the summer as possible to make those assignments so that there will be a larger and hopefully more varied pool of rooms available as some currently housed students change their plans about going abroad or not returning for other reasons.

If you were originally not planning to be on campus and are now hoping to return, you may be waitlisted for housing.  There is no guarantee you will be able to return but efforts will be made to accommodate.  You may be asked to complete a Housing Questionnaire so that your input can be taken into consideration if circumstances allow.

Summer Draw Basics

  • Although there is no guarantee, an attempt is made to give priority to seniors, then juniors. Sophomores will be housed within their own Common's sophomore community.
  • It is advisable to list potential roommates on your housing form, as there is always more demand than availability for singles and some students will receive roommates.
  • Consider rooming with an Exchange student. This is a great way to meet someone from another country and/or culture, and assist them in learning how to navigate not only the Middlebury College scene, but your own culture and perhaps the United States. Sharing a room with a new Transfer student is also sometimes an option. You benefit by having an opportunity to develop a new and exciting friendship.
  • Students cannot make private arrangements to deed their room to another student. The only exception is when a bed within a suite/house or double becomes available. In those cases the remaining students are asked to find someone to fill the space.
  • Although the Residential Systems Coordinator attempts to work with students in accommodating housing request, there is no guarantee a particular type of room or room location will or can be awarded. Individual student requests and needs need to be balanced with the goals and initiatives of the College as well as considering the needs of the entire student community.