If you will be arriving at Middlebury in September or February as a First Year, Transfer or Exchange Student this page is for you! Use this webpage and the Middlebury College Undergraduate Housing website as a resource on housing at Middlebury. 

Every new student is required to complete a Housing Agreement Contract and is strongly encouraged to also submit a Housing Questionnaire.  These tasks are completed in the StarRez housing portal. Visit go/starrez for details about the portal and to begin your forms.

Housing Agreement Contracts

The contracts outline a student's obligation to be a good roommate, neighbor and member of any and all residential communities in which they may reside throughout his/her time at the College.

Housing Questionnaires

This form provides the Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC) and those who assist with housing assignments with insight about you, your life-style and interests. Middlebury's goal is to create room/suite and hall-mate matches which will not only support individual student needs but also introduce students to others who may have different perspectives.

In terms of housing placement, your individual housing desires and needs are balanced against those of all other students as well as the initiatives of the College.  Please note that Middlebury College cannot honor requests for specific roommates, nor can we honor requests for special housing assignments based on religious or cultural practices.

Middlebury is a residential college. As such, our residence halls play an integral role in both your academic and co-curricular life on campus. While you are assured a place on campus each academic year, specific housing assignments are not guaranteed. The RSC makes every effort to consider requests and work with individual students.

First Year Fall Term students are generally housed within Commons communities with other First Year students. February (Feb) First Year arrivals are whenever possible placed within the First-year and Sophomore Commons communities, or in small groups within general student housing across campus. New Feb arrivals may be placed with another new arrival or with a student who has been on, or is returning to, campus.  Transfer and Exchange students are housed based on the location of available beds as well as a student's individual considerations.

Housing assignments, roommate details and Commons affiliations are posted on StarRez shortly before new students arrive. Students are also notified via an email to Middlebury accounts.

New Student Form Submission Deadlines:
  • First Year students arriving in September must submit their forms between June 1 and July 1.
  • Transfer and Exchange students arriving in September will need to submit their forms between June 1 and August 1.
  • New students (First Years and Exchanges), arriving in February please plan to submit your forms betweem September 11 and January 3.  Whenever possible do not submit your form too far in advance as your perspectives, interests, life-styles may change based on your Fall Term experiences.
  • Questionnaires submitted by Transfer Febs will be given as much consideration as time allows during the spring term housing process.  Whenever possible please do not delay in submitting your form.

If there are concerns/questions about housing, all students are encouraged to send an email to the Housing - Undergraduate account. Requests for special housing considerations must be discussed directly with a student; doing so will help to foster open lines of communication and educate the student on how to address any further inquires they may have during their time at the College.

New students, please take a moment to complete a one-minute survey from the Scott Center for Spiritual and Religious Life which will help that office better serve the college community. This survey is optional and will not have an effect on your housing assignment.

Questions regarding housing? Please email the Housing - Undergraduate account.

General Orientation and New Student questions 

Check-out the Orientation webpage or contact the Orientation Team at orientation@middlebury.edu or by calling 802-443-3103.