New Student Housing Forms


Every new student entering Middlebury College is required to complete a Housing Agreement Contract and is encouraged to submit a Housing Questionnaire.

 Please complete the following electronic forms:

All students must complete and submit a Housing Agreement Contract via their Self-Service BANNER before they will be given access to their room.  

Use the Quick Links section found at the bottom of any Middlebury webpage to sign on to 'BANNERWEB' using your personal information and instructions provided in a mailing from Orientation.  Students will automatically be directed to the on-line contract.

Following the completion of all required forms when initially signing on to BANNER students will be able to access their regular BANNER pages.  Using the Personal Information tab at the top, choose the New Student Checklist option to navigate to the Required Tasks and Housing Questionnaire links.   The Questionnaire may be submitted and edited as often as you'd like until the form is closed.  Following that point students are still guaranteed housing but will no longer be able to provide input so please do not miss the deadline.

The questionnaire will help us to understand your life style, interests and needs (which are different from wants). The questions touch on how neat you like your room, how much privacy you hope to have in your living space, if you are someone who likes a lot of social interaction or prefer a more quiet environment, etc.