Room Changes

We recognize that situations may arise that make it difficult for roommates to remain together. A student may request a room or hall change by following the room change process. This process is in place to ensure fairness and that steps have been taken to resolve conflicts. The timing of a room change has logistical considerations; therefore, the processes are tailored to the time of year.  There is no guarantee of a room change.  Requests will be considered based on an individual's  need as well as how well they fit into the overall housing picture.

Individual students with urgent or emergency needs should contact their Commons Dean.

As it is vitally important to your safety that our records accurately reflect where you reside on campus, room changes made without prior approval by Residential Life, including moves from one bedroom to another within a house or suite, are subject to disciplinary action and fines.

If you are experiencing difficulties with a roommate, we encourage you to first discuss the situation with your FYC, RA, CA or CRA before pursuing any room change. If you are unable to resolve the conflict, contact your Commons Dean to determine how your roommate issue can be resolved. Only in the event that all types of mediation are unsuccessful may a room change be facilitated.

Failure to meet room change expectations, including not vacating a room by the deadline and leaving a room in poor condition may result in disciplinary action and/or fines.


  • All room changes must be pre-approved by the appropriate College official and housing records updated before room changes take place.
  • All personal belongings must be removed by the end date of an individual's housing record.  If a resident does not have a housing record for the same room/bed for the next term with a consecutive begin date any belongings left behind will be removed as of the end date of the previous term and disposed of at the resident's expense.
  • Students are required to leave their room in move-in condition. Personal belongings cannot be left behind for the next resident; items left behind will be removed and donated at the resident's expense.  New rooms of students involved in room changes will not be cleaned by Custodial Services.  Any concerns about either the former or the new room or furnishings should be immediately reported to the CRA or Coordinator of the Commons to which the property is affiliated. 
  • Unapproved room and key exchanges are a violation of College policy and may result in Official College Discipline and/or a fine.
  • Students cannot make independent housing agreements with other students who are leaving a room to take that space (rooms/suites/houses or blocks - including Forest sink-mates). 
  • Members of a suite or house, or a roommate left behind in a double when a student leaves campus can and should find someone to fill that space (if at least 50% of the original room draw group are remaining), and should contact Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC), Karin Hall-Kolts.
  • Students residing in a suite, house or double have a better chance of having a room change request approved if the suite/house/roommate(s) can identify an eligible student to fill the bed.

Who to Contact:

  • First-Years and Sophomores - Contact your CRA or Commons Coordinator for direction.
  • Juniors and Seniors - Contact the Residential Systems Coordinator.

Students residing in Suites and Houses (not Blocks):

May change rooms within the suite or house, without filing either of the Room Change forms. However, all students must first have their BANNER housing records updated by Karin Hall-Kolts and then exchange room keys at Public Safety. It is not necessary to submit a Mid-Term Room Change form.

Students residing in Interest Houses or Superblocks:

Must first discuss their intent to leave the group with the House leadership. This must be done in a timely manner so as to allow the group to find a replacement or the student's request may not be considered.

Social House Members:

Requests will not be considered without first speaking with the House leadership and unless all beds within the House are filled for the term by the November roster submission deadline.


Mid-Term - request to move within the same term:

  • After the start of the Fall and Spring Terms, housing changes may not take place until the end of the second week of classes.
Mid-Term Room Change Requests (click here for details)

If students are experiencing a roommate or rooming issue, they are highly encouraged to see their FYC, RA, CA or CRA before filling out a room-change request or approaching the Commons Dean.

Following an initial two-week waiting period, if a student would like to request a Mid-Term Room Change he/she will need to complete a Room Change Request form, and submit the form to the Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC), Karin Hall-Kolts in the Service Building, room 229.

End of Term - request to move at the end of the Fall or Winter Term:

End of Term Room Change Requests (click here for details)
  • The main goal of the End of Term Move process is to house students returning to campus, thus an End of Term Room Change is not guaranteed.
  • Commons affiliations are not taken into consideration and there is no random number, point or ranking system in the End of Term Moves process.
  • There is no list of "available spaces" to share with students who hope to move and there is no way of knowing what any student/group's chances of receiving a new assignment may be.
  • Once a form is submitted the Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC) will take into consideration the information provided and if possible will fit that request into the larger picture.

  • End of Term Room Change Forms may not be submitted until after October 16.
  • Students who submit End of Term Room Change requests are NOT GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO ACCEPT/REJECT a room change.
  • If a student is approved to make a move in the Spring Term and there is a bed available to accommodate that request as of the Winter Term the student may be required to move earlier.
  • Because students may not find out if an End of Term Room Change request has been approved until right before they plan to leave campus they should make preliminary preparations (organize and clean their room), so they can meet the required deadlines if a room change is approved.
  • ALL STUDENTS APPROVED FOR AN END OF FALL TERM ROOM CHANGE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PLACING THEIR BELONGINGS IN STORAGE UNTIL THEY RETURN TO CAMPUS, i.e. Fletcher Barn or in a friend's room who is not involved in a move, (not in any public, common or residential storage space).  Items MAY NOT be placed in a new room prior to the pick-up of a key from Public Safety.

  • Students involved in Winter to Spring Term End of Term Room Changes must be available to make their move on the Monday morning following the last day of Winter Term classes between 9:00 a.m. and noon.  Those who depart from campus earlier must vacate their Winter Term room, make arrangements to store belongings (see above) and turn that room key into Public Safety. 
  • Students not enrolled on campus for a Winter Term and approved for an End of Term room change (Fall or Winter),  MUST VACATE THEIR ROOM WHEN THEY LEAVE CAMPUS AT THE END OF THE FALL TERM.  If a student leaves campus before they can be notified if their request for a room change is approved they must still pack their room and make arrangements for a friend to move their belongings by the deadline.

  • Students may not pick up a new room key or move any belongings into that room until they return to campus, or the official start date of that BANNER housing record.
  • Due to the nature of this process it is essential that students provide clear details about what they would or would not like in a room change.
  • Incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration; it is a student's responsibility to complete the form as instructed, i.e. copy all involved in the proposal on the submission email message.

If a student is CURRENTLY HOUSED ON CAMPUS and would like to request an End of Term (Winter or Spring) Room Change, send a message to Karin Hall-Kolts with "Room Change Request - Spring/Fall/Either" (whichever is appropriate) in the Subject Line and  attach a completed End of Term Room Change Request Form. 

It is very important when multiple people are involved in a request, THAT EVERYONE RELATED TO THAT REQUEST IS COPIED ON ALL MESSAGES. Doing so will assist in verifying that everyone affected is in agreement with the proposed arrangement. If you fail to do so your request may not be considered. Each student/group should clearly outline all requests on just ONE form.

Filling Empty Beds in Junior/Senior Spaces (click here for details)

Students remaining in a junior/senior suite/house, (i.e. Atwater, LaForce, Kelly, Townhouses, Ridgeline View suites and small houses), at the end of a Fall or Winter term, (if they were a member of the original group awarded the space during the previous Room Draw and at least 50% of those original residents are remaining), will be given the option of filling any empty beds as a result of members of their group moving out. (The same is true for roommates remaining in doubles.)  Throughout the academic year it is a group's responsibility to fill all beds by the given deadline. Failure to do so may result in loss of the space and the remaining members being rehoused. If less than 50% of the original group remains, the option of rehousing those students is also left to the discretion of the Residential Systems Coordinator (RSC).

Any available beds within small, senior houses must be filled by members of the senior class. It is a student's responsibility to plan accordingly, to communicate with the RSC throughout the process, and to meet any designated deadlines.


  • Groups must choose one student to act as the Student Rep who will handle all communications regarding the process.
  • The Student Rep must copy all other students involved with possible housing changes on ALL email messages (students leaving, students proposed to fill empty spaces, students staying).
  • Students cannot subsequently leave spaces in other suites/houses/doubles without at the same time identifying eligible students to then fill those beds.
  • All students designated to fill empty beds are subject to approval by the RSC.
  • If returning after a time away from campus the student should submit a Housing Questionnaire with the details of the space they hope to fill.
  • November 8th is the deadline by which the Group Rep of a suite or house with changes taking place must email Karin Hall-Kolts and provide the name(s) of students who agreed to fill empty beds during Winter/Spring.
  • Any group which misses the deadline may be rehoused at the discretion of the RSC and the space reassigned to another group. All beds must be filled.  No prior notification is required; the process is based on students meeting the designated deadlines and communicating with the RSC in a timely manner.

NOTE: Individual rooms that were blocked for Room Draw purposes are no longer considered a unit as of the end of that process. Empty, independent singles (including Forest sink-mate beds), are filled at the discretion of the RSC. The above guidelines only apply to senior suites and houses.