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StarRez Portal - Getting Started


In the Spring of 2017, Residential Life began transitioning to the use of a new tool to help with housing processes - StarRez. 

StarRez provides an online application portal for every student.  For a period of time details will be duplicated in both SSB and StarRez but eventually housing information as well as TouchPad codes will be accessed onlyl through StarRez.

NOTE: Generally students must must have previously submitted an application specific to a particular process, i.e.  each on-line draws in which they want to participate.  For processes which use Timeslots failure to submit a completed application/roommate group will result in not being assigned a time during which to participate and submissions will not be accepted following the close of an application period.

First steps:

  • Use your Single Sign-on (SSO) credentials to enter the StarRez portal. For assistance with SSO contact the Middlebury College Helpdesk, 802-443-2200 or via email at WHD ticket update, (
  • Once you have signed into your portal - you will be able to see your current information and an Applications tab for next year's housing selection processes which are open for submissions. 

Note: your Classification on the StarRez portal relates to your standing in the following year's processes.

  • Clicking on this tab brings you to a list of Applications. You will only see application processes for which you are eligible based on your Classification as noted on your StarRez "Home" screen.  

As this is a new system, it is possible that you will see more or fewer Applications than you should.  Please let us know right away so that we can address the error. Regardless of what you can see, you can still only apply for the areas for which you are eligible. 

  • Each Application will walk you through the steps for that process. The process overall is very straightforward and the system will guide you through.  In some processes you will be directed to form a "Roommate Group" in order to participate.

Housing Confirmation tab:

  • To view current and future housing details open the Housing Confirmation tab at the top of your StarRez portal.
  • TouchPad codes will be posted on this page as of 9:00 a.m on the approved start date of housing assignments (a.k.a. bookings), in combination with being checked-in to a room.
  • Residents are expected to check their housing details a week or so before their arrival for accuracy and notify their commons office or the housing office should they have questions.

Over time, we will post additional details on this webpage - please check back. If you have any suggestions which might be of help to others, please reach out to Residential Life.