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Roommate Groups

StarRez Roommate Groups are used to form any size group (individuals and up) when assigning beds for

  • a pre-awarded student-led space or participating in a draw
    • Superblocks
    • Social Houses
  • an On-Line Draws (both Seniors/Juniors and Sophomores)

A unique Roommate Group is formed for each process and at of the end of that process the group ceases to exist.  If a group wishes to participate in another housing process they will need to  create a new Roommate Group application, i.e. Senior Only Draw and Mixed Senior/Junior Draw.

An individual may only be part of one group within the same process.  Once a student has been awarded a bed they are ineligible to join other groups or participate in other housing processes.


  • The Roommate Group chooses a Group Leader
  • The Group Leader first signs in to their individual StarRez Housing portal and creates the group application for the specific process.
    • In creating the group - follow the naming conventions specified and don't forget the name and password set for the group; those details will need to be shared with the members who wish to join and entered exactly.
  • Individual members must then sign-in to their StarRez Housing portals and, using the group name and password - exactly as created, create an individual application and join the group.
  • The Group Leader MUST return to their portal and Verify the group is complete and select that button.  Groups which are not verified will not receive Time Slots and may not participate in the room selections process.


  • Pay careful attention to all posted details.
  • Depending on the process, the size of the group may be limited.
  • In choosing spaces a group must be able to fill all beds.
  • It is the group's responsibility to meet all deadlines and manage their group status.
  • Members may not be added to a group after the Group Leader Verifies the group.


  • Individuals who wish to be removed from a Roommate Group can do so themselves up until the time the Roommate Group has been verified. Out of respect for the other members in the group do not wait until the last minute. 
  • Roommate Groups Leaders should not veriify a group until it is complete and final.  Once a group has been "Verified" by the Group Leader the membership cannot change.
  • Group Leaders may delete an entire group's application by navigating to the same "Manage Your Roommate Group/Membership" tab.
  • The Group Leader must also manage the group's size and make sure all members have joined by the deadline or the application will not be included in the process. 

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of each member to clearly communicate their intentions with the other members of their group in a timely manner.

Use this Step-by-Step guide to Form a Roommate Group.