StarRez Timeslots - What are they? What do they mean?

Following an application period individuals who have submitted requests and verified their group, will be assigned Timeslots.  When the Selection process for that draw begins they may sign-on to see what is available and may choose to make a selection.  Every individual must submit an application for each process in which they hope to participate.

Timeslots are used to designate when an individual or group of potential roommates may sign on to their StarRez portal and participate in the space selection process.

All individuals in a Roommate Group must have first joined the group by signing on to their own StarRez portal during the Application period.  All members of a group receive the same Timeslot and may sign on to choose a space for the entire group or decide to select unrelated beds as long as all beds in a unit are filled, i.e. a Double must have 2 residents and a 4pp Suite 4 people.

Assignments are final and cannot be forfeited. Group members need to clearly communicate with each other about what they hope for and who will play what role in choosing a space.

Timeslots are assigned randomly and, in mixed-groups, do not take seniority into account.  Students may not belong to more than one Roommate Group/Pair within a particular application process.

Applicants may begin to participate in a selection process at the start of their Timeslot and will have access until a space is assigned, all beds for which they are eligible are awarded, or the process closes.

At the end of a process all previously assigned Timeslots become moot and new Timeslots will be awarded for any subsequent draws using that system.