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Summer Term Housing for Student Student Employees

Each summer, the College offers housing for undergraduate students who are working at the College. On campus summer housing is a privilege. All College policies, including but not limited to those related to community standards, conduct, respect, and residence hall regulations, are fully enforceable during the summer employment period. Failure to adhere to them may result in the immediate termination of a student’s housing, among other things. Students working off-campus are not eligible for on campus housing.

The following is a brief synopsis of important information you need to know over the summer. For a complete overview of summer regulations please refer to the Summer Student Employee Handbook online. Summer Housing is different than during the academic year. Issues which may result in College discipline during the academic year may carry the additional penalty of a loss of housing over the summer.  

Housing Information
Summer Residential Interns
The interns fill many of the same roles as resident assistant during the year—answering questions, providing resources, monitoring the halls, maintaining College policies and providing activities for residents.
Activities and Events
Residential Interns put together special dinners, movies, trips, hikes, concerts, fitness programs and other events. Most programs are offered free of charge while some may carry fee cost to participate. The College’s summer programs—Reunion and Language Schools—have a multitude of events offered to their participants. Most of these events are not open for general attendance. Please check with the event coordinator before attending.
Room Assignment
Rooms are assigned based upon completion and submission of the Summer Student Employment Agreement and Housing Questionnaire, dates of employment, and dates of availability of housing involved. Questions regarding housing assignments should be directed to the Residential Intern. There is no guarantee of any specific type of housing and students who feel their needs may not be met may want to pursue an off campus housing option.  All Summer Student Employees have the option of seeking off campus housing arrangements.
Repair Requests
Repair requests are to be channeled through the Residential Intern. In case of an emergency (e.g., a toilet is overflowing), please call the Facilities Services expediter at x5472 between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm or call Public Safety at x5911 outside of normal working hours.
Security Issues
It is critical that rooms are kept locked at all times. This is especially true during the day throughout the summer months as there are very few students, if any, in the dormitory during daytime hours. Notify Public Safety immediately if you see someone who you believe should not be in the dormitory or if you have any suspicions or concerns about someone.
Dorm Access
Summer student employees will find that their building access is more restricted in the summer than during the academic year. Summer student employees may not access any spaces where entry is not supported by their own access card or where they are not the guest of someone with appropriate access to those spaces. Students may move into their summer housing one day prior to the first day of work. They are required to move out of their room by noon of the day following their last day of work. Room keys must be turned in to Public Safety by 4:00 pm on the move-out date.
Summer Student Employees are granted access to laundry facilities during the summer. ID card access is activated for these locations. Please be respectful of the Summer Language School students who will also be using these facilities.
Fines and Damages
Rooms must be left in move-in condition or fines may be incurred. All belongings must be removed from the dorm room or they may be discarded. Damages to common areas or adjacent hallways will be billed to the residents of the entire dormitory unless the individual(s) responsible can be identified.
In accordance with Vermont law, Middlebury College residences and public areas are smoke free.  Please be respectful of the College’s summer experience and do not smoke in areas where smoke is likely to enter buildings, including in building entranceways, near open windows, and especially near building air intakes.  This is especially true on the McCullough plaza area.
Alcohol and Other Drugs
The Alcohol and Other Drug policy outlined in the College handbook is in force throughout the summer. The policy can be viewed online here.
Parties (registered or unregistered) are not permitted during the summer. Violations of this policy will be handled according to the College Handbook, and may also result in termination of employment, housing, and other disciplinary action.
Noise Levels
Middlebury College seeks to promote the quiet, comfort, and health of the College community and residents of the town of Middlebury. Students should strive to be considerate and respectful of others. Given the unique nature and intensity of the Language School sessions and the fact that windows remain open throughout the summer, there is greater sensitivity to acceptable noise levels throughout the campus. What may be considered an acceptable level of noise during the academic year may not be considered acceptable during the summer. Students may not play stereos, etc., at loud levels, especially during late evening hours. At no time are speakers allowed in windows or out-of-doors.
Pets (e.g., birds, dogs, cats, snakes, small caged animals) are prohibited in the residence halls. Upon discovery of pets, action will be taken accordingly (fines and removal).
Bicycles may be kept in the bicycle racks, in the bicycle storage area (if available) or in students’ rooms. They should be secured at all times. Bicycles may not be left in hallways or lounges as their presence may result in a fire safety hazard.
Furniture cannot be removed from a room. Students will be billed for the replacement cost of any furniture that is removed. If lounge furniture or furniture from another building is found in a room, fines are assigned accordingly.
As during the academic year, guests may stay no longer than three days. The Residential Intern must be notified where the guest is staying. Guests are expected to comply with all college policies. Summer student employees are responsible for the behavior of their guests. The College reserves the right to remove any guest whose behavior is not appropriate, and to rescind the privilege of hosting guests as appropriate.
Health and Counseling Services Restriction
Summer employees are eligible for ongoing services through the Parton Health and Counseling Center during the summer months. Contact the Center at ext. 5135 for summer hours.
Facilities Services Restrictions
During the summer the Heating Plant needs to be shut down for certain periods of time. During these times there is no hot water available in those buildings that are tied to the main campus system. Hot showers will be available at the Natatorium during the shutdown periods. Residents of dorms affected will be contacted via email. Students who are given permission to work either before or after the dates of the Language School sessions may need to accept extraordinary circumstances during those times (e.g., construction, no hot water in their dormitory, no Dining Service meals provided, possible room changes, etc.).
There is no storage available in residence halls during the summer. Students may not store person items in residential storage areas during the summer break.  Items left in these areas will be removed and disposed of by Facilities Services.

Off Campus Storage Facilities:
Several local establishments have storage facilities and a charge a monthly fee for self storage compartments (prices range depending on size of compartment). Students often group together with friends to rent a unit and share the expense. Use the internet and the yellow pages to find local storage unit services.  

Mail Boxes
Whenever possible, spring term students who meet the April submission deadline for the summer employment and housing agreement will retain their same campus mail box throughout the summer. Please notify the McCullough Mailroom if you leave campus and are not schedule to return during the summer so your mail can be forwarded if need be.
Students needing parking permits may obtain them at Public Safety. There is no registration fee. If a student is living off campus and working on campus during the summer, it may be possible to park in the commuter parking areas. Student employees living on campus must park their vehicles in the designated lots only.
All summer student employees, including those housed off campus, may enroll in the Summer Meal Plan by contacting Dining Services. The plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday and brunch and dinner on the weekend. Students living on campus when a meal plan is not offered are expected to supply their own meals.
Special accommodations are made each year during the Summer Language School for the English-speaking summer staff on the meal plan. For 2018, Redfield Proctor will be used for English-speaking summer student employees. The intent is to provide a relaxed and pleasant environment for the student staff and minimize the concern regarding English being overheard by Language School students. Picnic tables will be available for dining outside. These tables will be clearly marked for English-speaking employees. Summer student employees are expected to maintain a conversational voice level.   
Students living off-campus and who have not opted into the Summer Meal Plan may not eat in the Dining Halls. No dining guests are permitted without payment.  All students will be asked to show an ID card when entering the dining hall. 
Language Pledge

“Everyone working on the Middlebury campus in the summer is expected to respect the Language Pledge®. This includes academic year students who are employed by various Middlebury service departments (Library, ITS, Media Services, etc.) and summer research students. For the duration of the summer, these students play a key role in facilitating the academic program of approximately 1,250 people from all over the world who are here to immerse themselves in language and culture. All Language Schools students have pledged to speak, hear, read, and write only the language they are studying. Language School students (including Middlebury College undergraduate students who are attending) are not permitted to attend social events where English is spoken, nor are they allowed to use English except as required to obtain essential services outside their Schools. We rely on your discretion in using English (conversation, playing radios and stereos, etc.) also in places where you are likely to encounter Language School students—particularly in the dining hall, library, fitness center, pool, and other shared facilities. While we recognize that the responsibility for adhering to the Language Pledge® rests with Language Schools students themselves, you can help them by not initiating any interaction.” Michael Geisler – VP of Language Schools, Schools Abroad, Grad Programs; Professor of German