Updated for 2017-2018 Housing Process

Superblocks are one-year opportunities for groups of students to live together to support a common interest. The residential spaces offered for Superblock purposes may vary from year to year.  Spaces are awarded based on the strength of the applications balanced against the overall housing needs of the College.  In past years Superblocks have been awarded at Palmer, Homestead, Meeker, and the Mods.  

The Superblock program is intended to empower groups of Junior and Senior students with a shared goal, pastime or interest (e.g. dance, theater, outdoor activities, cooking), to live together, support each other's growth and skills in that area of interest, and in turn enrich and broaden the College community through programming.  Sophomore students are not eligible to live in Superblock locations until the Spring Term and must have pre-approval from their Commons Dean.

Funding for activities is provided through the Office of the Dean of Students.

Since the introduction of the first two Superblocks in 2008-2009 the program has expanded and in entering its tenth year will coninue to offer the community a wide variety of alternative programming.  For questions about a current group's programming or if there is space on the residential roster see the current list of blocks below.

APPLYING 2017-2018:

Applications for the 2017 Fall Term open in January and remain open until February 18. 

Application Link



SuperBlock Particulars

Superblocks will be awarded in advance of a number of other Room Draw processes; please view the Fall Housing Calendar tab to the left to view the schedule.  Interested groups are required to complete an application using the above link.  Groups must prove there is enough interest in the mission to fill all beds for all terms of the location(s) in which they have an interest.  Additionally, each group will need to make a presentation to the selection committee, offering additional information and answering questions about their proposal. Submissions and presentations will be evaluated by a committee of staff and students.

Groups are awarded Superblock status for one academic year. The Superblock is expected to utilize the residential facilities to offer programming and social activities on a regular basis for the members of the block as well as the general student body. Each Superblock will receive a budget. Superblocks work closely with the CRAs and groups are expected to regularly update Residential Life about planned programs and events. 

Funding for activities is provided through the Office of the Dean of Students. A Superblock's programming should be within the scope of its residential capacity and approved budget.  SuperBlocks are not intended to offer campus-wide programs.  Groups which do not fulfill their programming obligations may be rehoused.

Superblocks are expected to be positive additions to the Middlebury College community. Actions on the part of groups in terms of violations of policy, disrespect of property or individuals, excessive messiness, or failing to complete the mission of the Superblock may result in a loss of Superblock status for the group and possible rehousing for the residents.

All students who are awarded and accept a Superblock will be ineligible to participate in subsequent Fall Term housing processes. Please note that any students waiting for study abroad approval, or Residence Life candidates should not be included on a roster; another student must obligate themselves to fill the bed and should the first student decide not to be off campus a request may be submitted to replace the original member.  The success of such a switch will be dependent on the timing in relation to other Fall Term Hosing processes.   Students are expected to honor commitments and should carefully consider their options before joining a block.  Should a member receive approval to withdraw from a block after an offer has been accepted they will be housed by the Residential Systems Coordinator during the Summer Draw process and may be asked to work with the Superblock group to identify someone to fill their space in the block.

Members of a Superblock are expected to fill any beds which open up during the academic year by students who leave the block. If the members are unable to do so the Residential Systems Coordinator will fill the space(s) which may include reassigning beds, or re-house the remaining residents. All beds must be filled for all terms: Fall, Winter and Spring.

Presentation Guidelines
  • Presentations should be no more than 20 minutes.
  • Not all members of the block need to be present.
  • Multimedia equipment will be available (Powerpoint, etc).
  • Candidates should discuss the following topics:
    • About their common interest
    • Why a residential space would benefit that interest
    • A detailed description of 3 programs your house would run (one for each term), including your audience
    • Resources your house would need to be successful.
  • A brief question and answer period will follow.
2017-18 Application Information

Applications for Superblocks are accepted for groups of students in spaces throughout the campus. For larger houses, multiple themes for a single property may be submitted. All submitted applications will be reviewed on the strength the program and the availability of appropriate housing locations. Please note that this is a competitive process and not all submissions will be awarded housing. 

Small senior houses (eg. 637 College Street, Turner House, Homer Harris House) are not available as SuperBlocks.

Likely spaces include but are not limited to the following houses.  

  • Palmer House (30 beds)
    14 singles, 8 doubles, bathrooms. social area, TV room, fireplace, library, kitchen (refrigerator, oven, stove, sink, storage), laundry, elevator, attic, basement, storage

  • Meeker House (18 beds)
    14 singles, 2 doubles, 4 bathrooms, multi-purpose room, 2 common rooms, dining area, kitchen (refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, storage), elevator.

  • 48 South Street (17 beds)
     9 singles, 4 doubles, 5 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen (refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, storage).
  • Homestead House (15 beds)
    5 singles, 5 double, 2 bathrooms, lounge, dining area, kitchen (refrigerator, stove, oven, sink, storage), parking.


Application Calendar (2017-2018)

  • Application Available: Late January
  • Application Deadline: February 18
  • Presentations: February 20 to March 6
  • Offers extended: March 7
  • Response Deadline (by which each member who will fill a bed must have responded individually in their StarRez Housing portal: March 10

NOTE: If enough members of the original application group do not accept/commit to an offer by the deadline the offer may be withdrawn. 


2016-17 SuperBlocks

Connections Across Cultures (CAC)/Porter House (14 pp)

The focus of our Superblock is the creation and encouragement of connections across cultures through the celebration of cultural diversity. Having grown up in a variety of countries, the members of our house represent and identify themselves with various nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Composed by both domestic and international students, our group strives to nurture a welcoming space filled with different languages, food, movies, and music from all over the world for all members of our campus to connect based on their cultural differences.

Contact:  Sebastian Matias Fica-Contreras '17, (

Documentary & Discussion/Homestead (15 pp)

The Documentary and Discussion superblock’s primary focus will be to adjust and expand the previous years’ programming to appeal to more students. In year’s past we have had great success in screening enlightening yet fun documentaries and have produced our own short documentary about the Mods and their role in the Middlebury community. We would like to take what we have learned this year to expand to documenting the broader Middlebury College experience while continuing to show and discuss a wide variety of documentaries. Documentaries have incredible power to educate people and we feel that there is a lack of emphasis on documentaries in the academic community relative to their educational potential. So with our Documentary and Discussion superblock we aim to fill this gap and allow students to learn through an exciting and underemphasized medium.

Contact:  Allison Aiello '17, (

iCreate: Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies/Meeker (18 pp)

Our missions is to bridge the gap between mind and body through the use of creative activities in a non-competitive and fully supportive space.

With this goal in mind, we plan to use a wide variety of creative outlets to enable a more thoroughly intentional mindset, and bring the needs of our minds and bodies closer together. To accomplish this, our superblock encourages the use of athletics, arts, writing, music, yoga, meditation, and cooking in order to foster a space that supports mental and physical health and growth.

Middlebury is a competitive environment in nearly every realm—be it academics, athletics, arts or music. While this competition promotes hard work and success, we have found that it also frequently creates a divide between students’ responsibilities and their mental and physical needs. Our superblock’s unique use of creative outlets to bridge this gap creates a non-competitive, non-judgmental space for exploration of self-understanding. As an all-inclusive space, we break down the barriers that form in competitive environments with an open-armed approach—a place where students can experiment with their own creativity without need for high performance. Unlike most of our Middlebury lives, we believe that this would promote trying new things, learning, and teaching, all in a setting free of judgment. With programming catered towards learning and experimenting with creativity, we open this environment to the larger student body, breaking down the competitive barriers that exist in the outside spheres of our lives. Non-stressful creative and athletic outlets will improve overall mental health of students. We want to create a smaller community within the larger community, as a safe space for people who need a haven from the stresses of everyday life at Middlebury.

Contact:  Catherine Brams '18, (

Political and Civic Engagement/Palmer (30 pp)

Through the Political and Civic Engagement superblock we hope to create a space in which we, the students of Middlebury, can educate ourselves and engage with one another on political, economic and social issues of complexity in a personal way. This space will hopefully provide a way for students to both challenge ourselves but also find more common ground. Our programming ideas include screenings of presidential debates and elections, monthly world current event dinners, and voter registration events. We also want to encourage relevant clubs to take advantage of the space. Ultimately our goal is to provide a much-needed base for both domestic and international political engagement on campus and push students to think deeper and engage more critically with policy issues that will shape the future.  

Contact:  Hayley Manges '17, (

2015-16 SuperBlocks

Art & Story/Homestead (15pp)

The Art and Story Superblock was created as a way to serve the needs of the art community here at Middlebury. Broadly speaking, we hope to create a space where creative people are able to collaborate and share their ideas with the College. As part of this self-expression, we hope to give a voice to our classmates to share their story and tell through various mediums what makes their story unique.

The Art and Story Superblock organizes hosts a wide variety of events in order to accomplish these goals. We serve as the home for both Middbeat and the Middlebury Film Society which both have weekly meetings in the common room. These great student organizations are run by members of the Art and Story Superblock and have had enormous success through utilizing the welcoming space of Homestead House. Furthermore, the Superblock has created a large community mural and a student run art exhibit with many more events on the horizon. 

Contact: Mike McGean '17, (

Community of Knowledge/Ride (7pp)

We aim to foster an inclusive atmosphere of learning where peers can share their self-cultivated expertise with fellow students and the Middlebury community. We will create a community forum where individuals and small groups can connect with others that share their same fascinating, and perhaps less established pastimes. This space will allow both students and community members a means of broadening their cultural experiences.

Contact:  Jake Feury '17, (

Documentary & Discussion/Peary (7pp)

The Documentary and Discussion Mod screens documentaries that relate to interests on our campus. After our screenings we discuss the issues that the documentary poses, the relation the documentary has to our lives, and/or the style in which the documentary was filmed. At the end year we plan on making a short documentary of our own on the history of the mod and how it has been a huge part of our college experience.

Contact:  Allison Aiello '17, (

Exercise to Promote Community Welfare/Norgay (7pp)

The Exercise to Promote Community Welfare Mod provides students at Middlebury College with a relaxed, welcoming, and warm environment to enjoy exercise and outdoor activity. We aim at offering students who might not otherwise connect with each other the chance to expand their social bubbles. By taking the emphasis off success in the actual activity, we've placed it on friendship. With organized events including pickup soccer tournaments, hikes up snake mountain, and snowball fights, the Exercise to Promote Community Welfare Mod aims at creating friendly environments for students to enjoy outdoor exercise and make new friends. 

Contact: Kirk Horton '17, (

Meet Me at the Crossroads/Meeker (18pp)

Through our program of Meet Me at the Crossroads, we hope to create a community that encourages exploring individual identity within Middlebury, and building community through storytelling: learning from each others' lives and interests. The idea is to find common ground beyond the Middlebury identity, a connection we hope will inspire those who come to our events to see the commonality in the differences we perceive between each other. Our events revolve around art, music, dialogue, and ways of being from the different cultures from which we come and have encountered. We have hosted events including community gatherings, multi-cultural parties, discussions around movies or podcasts, and candid story-slams. Through these events, we give students the opportunity to tell stories about their backgrounds, discuss issues that are pertinent to them, and find ways to build community and grow together. Through the sharing of these stories, we hope to foster friendships and create a community both within the house and beyond that encourages a celebration of diverse identities as well as a celebration of storytelling.

Contact: Lucia (Shaya) Christensen '16, (

Musical Exploration/Earhart (7pp)

Contact: Wyatt French '17, (

Pass the Plate/Cousteau (7pp)

Pass the Plate is a celebration of other cultures through food. Our meals are inspired by various regions of the world in an attempt to learn more about traditions, customs, and societies. Our goal is to widen our perspective and also learn something outside of the classroom with new and old friends. Thus far, we have gathered friends from Middlebury College to join us for two different events inspired by Italy and Mexico.

Contact: Margaret (Daisy) Brown '16, (

Youth Engagement/Palmer (30pp)

The goal of our superblock is to inspire Middlebury students to connect with local children in the greater Middlebury area. This year we are inviting students to our house to engage with events that impact youth in our community. This fall, we held multiple events to promote youth outreach, such as making holiday cards for children at the Mary Johnson's Children Center. We ended the semester with a winter holiday party for faculty and staff families, where we decorated cookies and did arts & crafts while getting to know them. We hope to continue bringing children to campus to help foster a relationship between the town and the college.

Contact: Margaret Poterba '17, (

2014-15 SuperBlocks

Baking Mod/Earhart (7pp)

The 2014-2015 Baking Mod is carrying on a tradition of having a mod that will create a casual atmosphere that stimulates conversation and group interactions through baking. We are looking to bring the family atmosphere into our mod through food. We will be holding several events throughout the year, including a holiday cookie-decorating event and a Vermont-themed breakfast. We are also looking forward to having Sundae Sundays throughout the spring. We are hoping our mod will be a comfortable place to come unwind through baking and relaxing in good company.

Contact: Carly Schaeder ’16, (

Beyond the Bubble: Uncovering Vermont/Norgay (7pp)     

Through our mod's programming, we would like to encourage Middlebury students to truly engage in and experience the broader community in which they live for four years. We have found that it is easy to become complacent in the Middlebury College "Bubble," and in response we believe it is crucial that students go beyond the Bubble and uncover real Vermont through service and interaction. 

There are many facets to life here in Addison County: there is stunning natural beauty and affluence, but there is also rural poverty and hunger. We believe our mod could provide an intimate space to host conversations with community members who could expose students to these many different aspects. These dialogues would allow us to become more aware members of this community, and would build greater understanding between the College and the town. 

Examples of possible programming include:

  • Roundtable discussion about food insecurity and homelessness in Vermont with Dottie Neuberger, organizer of weekly Community Supper
  • Attendance at a Community Supper on Friday night to learn about hunger in Middlebury first hand
  • Roundtable discussion about tourism in Vermont with Gayle and Paul Brown, owners of the Cold Hollow Cider Mill
  • Field trip to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill to see it in operation
  • Roundtable discussion about agriculture in Vermont with Peter James, owner of Monument Farms Dairy
  • Excursion to Monument Farms to experience the business in action

Contact: Catherine Costley, (

Bursting the Bubble: Community Building/Palmer (30pp)  The aim of Palmer House this year is to act as a location where the worlds of the College community and townsfolk can merge. We hope to do this through monthly community-oriented programming that will attract people with a wide range of interests from both sides of the 'bubble'. The house also desires to serve as a springboard for students who want to get more involved on and off campus. In addition to this, Palmer House wants to create a welcome space in the Middlebury social scene that emphasizes socializing, building healthy relationships and peer responsibility. Feel free to come over and hang out with us!

Contact:  Durga Jayaraman, (

Creative Expression/Meeker (18pp)

In recognition of the immense creativity and artistic talent of the Middlebury Student body, our mission is to provide a supportive space that enables student artists to create, collaborate, and receive feedback on their art. Our interests and talents encompass all forms of expression, from theater, to creative writing, to visual art, to music, and more. As close proximity encourages close collaboration, we provide artists a place to congregate in a relaxed setting. The goal is for Meeker House to become a hub for student art on campus. We use the common spaces of our house to showcase visual art, and host regular open performance nights with live music, student DJ’s, spoken word and theater performances, and anything else you can think of. We also run creative writing workshops. For more info or to sign up to showcase your work, visit go/meeker, or contact Adam.

Contact: Adam Kelley, (

Documentary and Discussion/Cousteau (7pp)

The purpose of documentary and discussion mod is to create a space where students can be exposed to new ideas and perspectives through the medium of documentary film, and then have the chance to discuss the film with other members of the Middlebury community. Possible documentary genres include adventure and exploration, environmentalism, biology, technology, politics, food, and more. Using the mod as a space to screen films about these topics and discuss them, we can broaden the perspectives of our community members.

Contact Hayden Shea ( if you have questions about our mod and/or our programming. 

Inside Out/Homestead (15pp)

Look around. We are some of the most talented young people out there, yet we often feel so inadequate—in the classroom, at a party, or on the field. The Inside Out superblock aims to promote inner confidence in the various emotional, physical, and academic aspects of our experience at Middlebury. We hope to encourage Middlebury students to live active and balanced lives and that our house can become an outlet for anybody in the community to de-stress and become more confident in who they are and all that they do. We hope to promote belongingness, healthy body image, a sense of security, and academic confidence in both our house members and the college community.  Let’s expand upon our Middlebury experience and take advantage of the talent that surrounds us! 

Contact: Katherine Kucharczyk ( 

Local Living/Ride (7pp)

The Local Living Mod aims to serve as a connection between Middlebury College and the town of Middlebury. The goal of our mod is to serve as a bridge between the Middlebury College community and local events, resources, and opportunities as well as support local farms and small businesses. Through our events—pumpkin picking, Sun to Cheese Tour at Shelburne Farms, hiking snake mountain, etc. – we hope to attract a wide variety of people at Middlebury to create new friendships and bonds especially across different grades. Our door will always be open and we encourage people to stop by, hang out, and even suggest other activities they’d like to have happen during the year.

Contact:  Anne Wymard (

The Real Vermont: a look at the connection between Vermont identity and food/Peary (7pp)

Food is a medium through which we can relate Middlebury students to the people of Vermont.  Our mod will attempt to expose students to the far-reaching Vermont--the Vermont that lies outside of Middlebury.  Food is a huge part of the Vermont industry, and we are hoping to connect students to the people who live and work in this industry.  Our intention is to attend festivals around the state that make Vermont unique.  After attending each festival, we will hold an event at which members of the college community can enjoy that which Vermont has to offer as well as learn about the importance of Vermont foods as an industry.  Much of what we enjoy in the dining halls, such as Cabot butter and apple cider, are known to be Vermont staples, but we want to educate people about the history of the foods we eat, the people who make them, and why they are truly unique to the Vermont style of living.  

Contact: Stevie Durocher (

2013-14 SuperBlocks

Around the World/Norgay (7pp)

The Around the World Superblock aims to provide a forum for Middlebury students to share experiences from countries around the world. We facilitate planning for study abroad, assist students reintegrate back from studying abroad, share cultural traditions from our own diverse backgrounds, and offer a space for discussion about past and future travels. All members of the superblock share an interest in cultures from around the world, whether this means coming from a foreign country, learning a language at Middlebury, studying overseas, travelling during the summer, or merely getting to know students from different backgrounds.

Contact: Rebecca Wong (

Baking/Earhart (7pp)

The Baking Mod is back this year! We are so excited to pick up right where we left off last year and to add some new and exciting aspects to our mod's theme. Some of our objectives this year are 1. Expand our cultural baking horizons 2. Encourage and inspire the creative bakers of Middlebury College 3. Create a safe, relaxing environment where people can come hang out to escape the pressures of school and finally 4. Explore new types of healthy baking. Some of our ideas for events this year will be Cake Boss (a cake decorating challenge where we will bring in an expert to show us how to decorate a cake like the professionals), International Baking Extravaganza (a potluck dinner in which anyone who would like to can bring any type of dish that is a home recipe and of course the baking mod is always open if space is needed to cook), and Yoga and Baking (while the cookies are in the oven we'll stretch ourselves out so we are nice and relaxed when the baked goods are done)! Recently after going apple picking we thought it might be fun to get a group of people together to go apple picking and then bring them home to make apple pies or apple crisp! If you are interested in any of these events or if you have any ideas for other events please contact Julia Favorito. Get excited for another year of delicious fun! 

The Baking Mod 2.0

Contact: Julia Favorito (

Design House/Jewett (12pp)

The mission of the Design House is to create a community for students who are passionate about design, aesthetics, and visual thinking, and to open up everything such a community has to offer to the Middlebury campus as a whole. We intend to create a space that fosters the visually-minded spirit and inspires the house members as well as the greater college community to be better, more thoughtful designers in all aspects of their lives. Our house serves as a creative outlet for house-members and an informative and inspirational outlet who non house-members who will frequently be visiting. The creative process is not one that keeps normal business hours; inspiration is just as likely to come in the shower as at the desk, before breakfast as falling asleep. The communal setting of the house will allow us to fully dedicate ourselves to our passions as designers, to express ourselves and to inspire others, and to create not only a small community within a house, but a much vaster community within Middlebury college, that cares about and understands design in the fullest way possible.

Contact: Sally Caruso

Exploration & Adventure/Meeker (18pp)

Middlebury constantly challenges us to reach outside our comfort zones. But do students actually dare to adventure every day? The mission of the Exploration & Adventure SuperBlock is to foster a community that celebrates and encourages comfort zone expansion. We believe in the fundamental importance of providing a safe space for Meeker residents, students of Middlebury College, and members of the surrounding community to journey into uncharted territory: from personal spiritual explorations to literal participation in novel activities. Our purpose also encompasses the sharing of our various experiences through regularly listening to others and blog documentation or go/meek.

Contact: Sarah Crepps (

Intentional Living/Munford (31pp)

We at Munford House strive to ...
• live intentionally through sustained attention to the goals and values which nourish us as individuals and as a community. Those include ...

  • devotion to those practices which draw us out of ourselves and into communion with the world and those around us (openness, empathy, listening, awareness, mindfulness, noticing, compassion)
  • celebrating our life as a community by honoring each other as unique individuals while reminding each other of our common bonds in the work we share (uniting individuality, personal passions & beliefs, purpose, community strength etc...)
  • welcoming the familiar and the unfamiliar as we seek to serve those in the broader campus community who are interested in the kind of life we strive to lead here (inclusivity, openness to the other, community engagement, reaching out, series events)
  • empathizing with those around us, living with integrity, and loving shamelessly
  • living with mindfulness and compassion, with the intention of fostering well-being, growth, and learning both personally and among all the communities to which we belong: our house, college, and town, the larger international community, and the natural world.

• We believe that by coming together to live out this mission we will be enabling ourselves and others to lead lives of engagement and purpose.

Goals for the house :
• Have house events that may include but are not limited to ...

  • breakfasts & morning coffee
  • community meal-sharing (regular, international, study abroad, vegan potlucks, tea parties)
  • house partners
  • secret santa
  • game/movie nights
  • adventures (hikes, runs, bike rides, bonfires, apple-picking etc...)
  • time for reflection (meditation, yoga, prayer, contemplative practices)

• Have community events that include but are not limited to ...

  • custodial breakfast
  • musical events (bands & dance parties)
  • Hosting or co-hosting a community supper
  • Meeker - Munford events (viva la Munker)
  • Intentional Living speaker series
  • Religious discussion
  • Freshman mentorship program

Contact: Alison Lewis (

Local Environmental Stewardship/Cousteau (7pp)

The Local Environmental Stewardship SuperBlock of Cousteau Mod is all about encouraging a connection to the outdoors.  We aim not only to promote responsibility for the well-being of our local spaces, but also to inspire students to spend more time out and about.  The wilds of Vermont have enriched us as a group, and our goal is to spread that back to the community in whatever way we can.

A Spring Housing slot may become available as the semester goes on - contact William Melhado [] if you are interested in filling this opening this coming spring.

Local Living/Ride (7pp)

The Local Living Mod aims to serve as a connection between Middlebury College and the town of Middlebury. Our goal is to promote appreciation for all that Middlebury and the surrounding picturesque Vermont towns have to offer. Through our events--Shelburne Harvest Festival, Maple Candy making, apple picking etc.--we hope to create new friendships and bonds that transcend the college community and encourage students to appreciate the larger environment. Our door is always open, and all are welcome, so please stop by and introduce yourself. We always have fresh fruit and a hot cup of tea. If you are interested in learning more about our mod and its mission/goals, please contact Caroline Nutt

Superplay/Homestead (15pp)

Info: SuperPlay is a group of students that love to play in and outside and love to play music. Our mission is to 1) cultivate and enjoy outdoor activity and music within the house, 2) spread it throughout the college community, and 3) to promote outdoor activity among Addison County youth.

Contact: James Clifford (

The Collective Mind: Diversity of Thought & Learning Outside the Classroom/Palmer (30pp)

The Collective Mind SuperBlock has two primary goals that we wish to accomplish. The first is to bring great thought-provoking programming to the Middlebury community at large. We wish to do this by hosting interesting events that allow students from different backgrounds to contribute to the conversation. Our second goal is to fulfill the social needs of the students, both through social programming, such as dinners and mixers, and also through safe and fun parties.

Contact:  Blake Shapskinsky (

Thoughts for Food/Peary (7pp)

At Middlebury, especially with our three dining halls and constant access to free food, a disconnect has been building between students and the source of their food. Our mod's goal is to try and revitalize a sense of ownership of our food by hunting, fishing and gathering it ourselves. Throughout the year we will be hosting dinners and various outings that have the intention of bringing Middlebury students closer to their food. 

Contact: Oliver Sutro (