Hints for Finding Off-Campus

Off-campus is a lottery.  DO NOT sign a lease until you are sure you have received final approval for off-campus status!

Things to remember:

  1. Most landlords want to sign for a full year, including the summer. You may have to pay for summer even if you are not planning to be in Middlebury. If you have to do this, try to find students to sublet your space for as long as possible. Most find that they are unable to fully cover their costs with subleters, especially in larger houses. It sometimes is a good idea to take whatever you can get. It is often difficult to sign for a semester lease, so if you have to do this it is good idea to team up with someone who is approved for off campus housing who can take your lease when you leave and finish off the year.
  2. Heat is expensive in the winter in Vermont. Electric heat is the most costly type. When looking, ask to see copies of electric bills from January and February.

Places to look for leads:

  1. The Addison Independent, the local newspaper is the best source of places for rent. It is available at Baba's or other places downtown. It lists available rooms, houses and apartments both in Middlebury and in outlying towns. You will find that most places are listed a month or so in advance of the time it is available.
  2. Students currently living off campus. Often times apartments will pass from one group of students to another. Be sure to check early to ensure the apartments have not been rented. Also ask if their landlord has other properties that they are renting. 
  3. Postings in the mailroom in McCullough.
  4. Postings at local stores such as Shaws, Hannafords, or the Co-Op.
  5. Friends or professors may have leads on places in town.
  6. Local real estate agencies. Many agencies do not focus on rentals, but sometimes it is worth checking. Be careful, there may be a charge for using their service.
  7. Check out HomeShare Vermont - http://homesharevermont.org/.
  8. Search real estate/rental web sites to search for options in the local area.