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Apply to live in Wellness House

Wellness House is a living environment focused on promoting individual and community well-being through shared community standards, learning opportunities and fun events to promote well-being and a commitment to keep the environment free of substances. 

The house, located in Homestead House, for the 2020-2021 academic year, is a place for students:

  • to connect with one another outside of environments which center substance use
  • enjoy a quieter, focused living environment
  • form new connections with others committed to exploring well-being 

House members are expected to: 

  • participate in monthly house dinners 
  • refrain from bringing substances into or using substances in the house

The house is overseen by the office of Health & Wellness Education, Assistant Director, Madeline Hope


phone: 802-443-5389 

schedule: go/maddie 

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Guidelines for Residents

1) No alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco products may be in the house. Whether the substances have been used or consumed will not matter in the assignment of disciplinary action if these items are discovered.

2) Residents are responsible for their guests obeying the guidelines contained herein.

3) Residents who are of legal age may drink alcoholic beverages elsewhere on campus as long as the effects do not disturb the other residents of the house. Behaviors resulting from substance use that will be deemed disturbing include, but are not limited to, causing a commotion in the hallways, entries, common spaces, bathrooms or student rooms in the house or its vicinity; leaving a mess in the bathroom or hallway and not cleaning up after one's self; smoking or using smoke producing products in the house or in the adjacent area; and violating the spirit and intention of the house.

4) Jewett House is located in a residential area. House residents are expected to respect their neighbors.  

5) Registered parties are not permitted in this residence.  

Residents who violate the above guidelines will be subject to a warning for the first violation and may be moved from the house upon the second violation.

Egregious violations of the guidelines may result in immediate disciplinary action as well as being moved house.

What is wellness programming?

Wellness House residents will have the option of participating is regular wellness programs aimed at helping you live a healthier life.  This is not a typical theme house, residents are not required to coordinate the programming.  Rather, residents will be contacted about the areas of wellness they would like to hear more about.  Programs may include:

  • Healthy cooking and snacking
  • Power napping
  • Managing Stress
  • Better sleep
  • Sexual Health 

Wellness House

Updated for the 2019-2020 Housing Process

Residential Life has partnered with the office of Health and Wellness Education to offer a residence for students to learn about and practice a holistic approach to making their minds and bodies healthier. Students living in the Wellness House have the option to select from interest areas such as nutrition, fitness, sexual health, alcohol, and drugs and assist with programming in these areas. However, Wellness House is not just for health or fitness enthusiasts, the focus is applicable for anyone and everyone. If you are interested in making healthier decisions and improving the quality of your time here at Middlebury, then the Wellness House is for you!

Substance-free means that all residents agree to keep the influences of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs out of their house. Due to the theme and location of the property, the Wellness House maintains a quiet environment.   

Jewett House is an ideal location on the periphery of campus in a residential neighborhood. The house has a kitchen, dining room and living room area for twelve residents; all rooms are singles. The House is open to all classes.

Students who apply are committing to the program and, if accepted, may not participate in any other fall term housing processes. Should they choose to withdraw from the House they will be housed  during the Summer Draw process.  Students who are not accepted may participate in subsequent fall term housing processes.

APPLYING 2019 Spring Term & 2019-2020

Applications will be accepted and residency offered depending on eligibility and availability.

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