Departing Campus

Middlebury is constantly housing different groups of people:

For example, at the end of each May, 

  • Over 2400 underclass students and graduating seniors will move out of their campus rooms.
  • 400 relatives and parents of seniors will stay on campus for Commencement.
  • More than 2400 beds on campus will be cleaned and prepared for summer programs - many more than once!
  • Over 1550 students and faculty will arrive for Middlebury language schools.
  • Members of the Facilities, Residential Life and Public Safety Teams all work particularly fast and furiously at this time of year to ensure that moves are timely and efficient, and the buildings are ready before the next occupants arrive.

Therefore, only students with official approval to stay past the posted departure dates may remain on campus. Students are required to vacate their rooms, turn in their room keys and leave campus before the deadline.  

Room Check Out Forms: 

Students are encouraged to complete a room check form when they move in and out of a residential space.  Those who choose not to do so assume responsibility for any subsequent charges related to restoring the space to its prior condition.  Check with the commons office which oversees your residence hall as posted on the floorplans webpage to find out who you should contact about completing a room check out. 

When to Move Out

NOTE: Students cannot stay on campus past the designated move out date.  Professors cannot grant approval for a residential extension.

Remember to return all keys to Public Safety before leaving campus!

As you prepare to move out DO NOT place personal belongings in the hallways while packing. These items are a fire hazard and may be removed and disposed of by Facilities Services.

When to Leave Campus: 

Students may not be on campus outside of the posted dates unless they have received special permission from their commons dean or been invited to participate in an approved college program and their housing records have been updated to reflect that change. Students are required to depart from campus 24-hours after their last exam. Students remaining on campus past official departure dates are subject to College sanctions and fines. 

Graduating Seniors and others approved to be on campus for Commencement activities: Please help our Custodial teams and Facilities as they prepare for Reunion by vacating your rooms by 11:00 p.m. on graduation night. You must be out of your rooms that night as they will begin to access your rooms at 4:00 a.m. on Monday when they arrive to start their workdays.

Request for Extension (Graduating Seniors Only):

In certain circumstances, because of difficult travel plans, a graduating student may need an extension to stay on campus after the deadline.  Requests for extensions will only be considered for students with verifiable travel issues requiring a delayed departure until the day after Commencement.  A failure to plan appropriately is not considered an approvable reason to stay.  

To request permission to remain on campus past the deadline, you must submit an Extension Application. (Requests are no longer being accepted; if need be please make other plans.)

Approved graduates will be permitted to remain on campus and in their room until 12:00 noon on Monday.  Please note that there are no campus services provided during this period. 

How to Move Out
Questions about your room? ... Who to contact:

Contact the Commons CRA or Coordinator overseeing the residential needs of your building.  Not sure which commons oversees your residence? - Check go/floorplans.

What to leave: 

Dining Services supplies (please be responsible...bring your dishes back to the dining halls!)

Keys: Return to Public Safety or deposit in a drop box located in the Atwater and Ross Commons offices as well as Proctor Dining.

College furniture: (bed frame, mattress, desk, chair, dresser, trash and recycling bins, etc.)

All items must be in your room or you will be charged (see fines below).

All college furniture within small houses and suites must be returned to the original locations within those spaces.

What to take with you:

Unwanted furniture / clothes / personal belongings (see Recycling Section)

Bicycles: Racks in residence halls and on campus are cleaned out over the summer. Locks are cut and bicycles are removed if they are left. See Recycling Section for what to do with unwanted bicycles.

All trash must go! 

Please support your custodial staff by bringing your unwanted items/trash/recycling to designated recycling/trash areas, special collection sites, and drop zones!  (see Recycling Section)  Before you leave, make sure that your room is in good condition. Walls and ceilings should be clean (no sticky tabs left behind please), and rooms should be neat. If you do not leave your room in a neat condition, you will be fined $200, plus clean-up costs.


Fines & Replacement Costs

Bed frame: Actual cost of missing bed frame

Key: $100.00 for failure to return key to Public Safety

Late departure: $400 per day for failure to leave room and campus on time

Loft: $25.00 for loft removal, plus labor cost

Mattress: $115.00 missing mattress

Messy room: $200.00 for messy room plus labor for clean up

Personal Furniture: $25.00 per item plus labor cost



The Recycling Center has a supply of packing boxes. Free while supplies last.


Summer Storage
Storage Options:

On Campus Storage Options:

The College provides a storage area in the Fletcher Storage Building (including short term storage for those transitioning to summer language programs or employment).  Visit to register for storage, obtain more info, and to print online labels and forms.

Stored items must be sealed and clearly marked with a completed storage label printed from the storage website. Access to storage is available during the times posted by Public Safety  

Off Campus Storage Companies:

Several local establishments have storage facilities and a charge a monthly fee for self storage compartments (prices range depending on size of compartment). Students often group together with friends to rent a unit and share the expense. Use the internet and the yellow pages to find local storage unit services.  

Student Storage Concessions:

Campus Storage is an approved student-run vendor for summer storage. The group will make arrangements to pick your things up right from your dorm room and then deliver it to your room in the fall. Campus Storage is run by current Middlebury students.  Andrew Neary <

Please note: Students may not store person items in residential storage areas durng the summer break.  Items left in these areas will be removed and disposed by by Facilities Services.

Bike Storage:

Bikes left on campus and collected in the bike sweep will carry a $50.00 charge for their return. Bikes may be stored with the Bike Shop for 20.00 for the summer.  Unwanted bikes may be donated to the Bike Shop - for details email the shop.

Social House Items:

Each House has a designated storage area FOR HOUSE ITEMS ONLY, (NO personal items may be left in these spaces.) The College is not responsible for any items left in social houses.  Any personal items left in house storage areas will be removed and discarded.

Interest House Items:

It is the responsibility of each Interest House to pack and store all their House belongings before leaving campus. For questions please check with the Coordinator of the Commons office which oversees your residential space.  Failure to store items may result in them being lost or disposed of; replacement costs would be the responsibility of the House/Department.

Superblock storage:

The College DOES NOT supply storage for Superblocks.  If the Superblock is returning the following year in the same location, contact Karin Hall-Kolts to discuss storage options for house items. 

Mail over the Summer

If you will not be spending the summer at Middlebury College, please be sure to notify businesses and contacts of your change of address and remove your name from junk mail lists. Inform your bank, friends and family.  Update credit card companies, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc. and change your address or have your name removed from their mailing lists. The best way to do this in on line at their individual web sites. 

It is not necessary to fill out a change of address card from the Student Mail Center. All USPS express, first class mail and packages as well as UPS packages will be forwarded to your home mailing address, according to College policy, which may slow down the arrival of your important mail. (Note: graduates may have their mail forwarded to their own address, if different from their home address, by reporting the change to the Alumni Office at extension 5171.)

Federal Express and DHL will return packages and flats to the original sender as they do not forward.

Junk mail, newspapers and magazine subscriptions will not be forwarded. This mail is recycled, but every year it amounts to a great deal of unnecessary waste. Please help us increase efficiency and reduce waste by updating your subscription address with newspapers and magazines..

Phone numbers you might need:

American Express 800-528-4800 
Citibank 800-950-5114 
Columbia House (music) 800-457-0500 
Columbia House (video) 800-457-0866 
Discover 800-347-2683 
J Crew 800-932-0043 
L.L. Bean 800-341-4341 
Land's End 800-356-4444 
Newsweek 800-634-6850 
Rolling Stone 800-283-1549 
Sports Illustrated 800-528-5000 
Time 800-843-8463 
Victoria's Secret 800-888-1500

If the number is not listed here, try looking on your bill, in the editor's box or below the table of contents of the magazine, on the back of your credit card, or in the catalog. If you cannot locate the number call 1-800-555-1212 and ask for the customer relations department of the company you are trying to reach. (In some areas there may be a fee for this call.)

End of the Year Recycling

This is your opportunity to give back to all of the Facilities Staff who have provided you with so many services throughout the year!  Each year, the process by which 2300(+/-) students all move out of their rooms in a two week time frame is called “Residence Hall Clean-out” or just “clean-out” for short.  Your help will reduce the negative effects that “clean-out” has on our staff.  What negative effects you say!  During a “normal” cleanout – staff injuries are increased.  The most common injuries include:  muscle sprains and strains, lacerations, and needle sticks.  Staff find this time of year to be very stressful! You can make a difference - By responsibly managing your unwanted items, trash, and recycling – you reduce the amount of time Facilities Staff devote to the “clean-out” process…this means – we have a better chance of cleaning and preparing guest rooms for families attending Commencement, Reunion attendees, and Language schools.

Your Clean-Out Resources
– Start in early May doing a little at a time –

Local Resale/Charity shops – There are three local resale/charity shops that take good used items.  Please contact them directly for details.

  • Neat Repeats
  • Round Robin
  • Hope (BTW, Hope is also the local food shelf – consider donating your unopened/nonperishable items directly.)

Special Collection Sites – In all large dorms - May 5 to May 30 – Sort items into labeled bins.


  • Textiles (Sheets, blankets, curtains, fabric, clothing, shoes, belts, purses, etc.)
  • Nonperishable unopened food/ Toiletries (soaps, shampoos, cleaners, conditioners, etc.) 
  • Small appliances and electronics (hair dryers, cell phones, printers, laptops, computers, really…anything with a cord!)
  • Books, office supplies, craft supplies, art supplies, unused printer cartridges, pens, pencils, markers, post-its, etc…
  • CFLs
  • Batteries

Drop Zones – Outside all large dorms - May 18 to May 29 – For all unwanted large items such as lamps, lumber, carpets, furniture, microwaves, refrigerators, bicycles, etc.

Needles – Getting stuck is scary!  Put them in a plastic soda bottle with a lid and bring to Parton Health Center.

Medications (prescription and over-the-counter) – No longer needed?  Bring unused meds to Parton Health Center for safe disposal.

Compost – need to clean your frig? – Bring all food waste (opened packages and perishables) to the nearest green compost bucket.  Located conveniently in most dorm kitchens.


For answers to your questions – or 443-3087


Shipping your belongings home

Did you know that if you ship through Mailing Services, Middlebury College students receive a large discount?  Well now you do! 

Monday - Friday 8:30-3:30 at FIC

  • Mailing Services will be shipping at our new location, FIC (Freeman International Center). Look for signs at the building for directions.  Coming by car? We have a loading dock and the shipping center is only steps away!
  • Credit cards only! WE NO LONGER ACCEPT CASH.
  • We can ship International.