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Join the Residential Life Staff

Updated for 2021-2022


At Middlebury, our residential community connects students. The ResLife staff work hard to advise, assist, and support students to take full advantage of a truly unique living environment.

If you are an energetic, upbeat, and caring individual interested in a great leadership opportunity, you should apply to be on the Residential Life staff. A position in ResLife is one of great responsibility and also great fulfillment. It requires hard work but is very rewarding and will help to develop and hone skills that will serve you throughout your life. It is one of the most influential positions you can have on campus. 

ResLife staff members are selected for their ability to facilitate a sense of community within the residence halls, resolve group or individual conflicts that might arise, know and enforce the policies of the College, and serve as an information resource within the residence halls. 

THIS LINK will take you to the online application for all positions. Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received.

If you have questions about any of the positions or the hiring process, please reach out to your RD!

Student Staff Positions

First Year Counselor (FYC)

First Year Counselors (FYCs) at Middlebury College serve as mentors to the first-year students. Specifically, they are expected to foster community and personal development of their students, and they serve as the bridge that connects these first-year students to other support services on campus.

FYCs are expected to create personal connections with the residents on their hall and communicate with supervisors about student concerns.

Full FYC Job Description here!

February First Year Counselor (FebYC)

February First Year Counselors (FebYCs) at Middlebury College serve as mentors to newly arrived February First-Year students who have been assigned to their residential areas. Specifically, they are expected to foster the intellectual and personal development of first-year feb students and serve as the bridge that connects these first-year Feb students to other support services on campus.

As new Febs may be spread out in different residential areas, a proactive approach to working within a residential community is of foremost and critical importance.

Full FebYC Job Description here!

Resident Assistant (RA)

Resident Assistants (RAs) at Middlebury College serve as sophomore community leaders, cultivating a culture of personal responsibility and community engagement among their peers.

RAs are expected to forge personal connections with the residents on their hall and communicate with their supervisors about student issues.

Full RA Job Description here!

Community Assistant (CA)

Community Assistants (CAs) at Middlebury College serve as community leaders in junior/senior halls and houses, cultivating a culture of personal responsibility and community engagement among their peers.

CAs must have a concrete understanding of the network of available resources on campus and a willingness to channel students to those resources.

Full CA Job Description here!


Head FYC/RA/CAs at Middlebury College serve as mentors to the other staff members on their team, as well as to their own group of residents. Specifically, they are expected to foster positive team dynamics, and they assist the RD directly in the support of their staff and residents.

Full Head FYC/RA/CA Job Description here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits / compensation of the position?
  • Excellent leadership and programming training
  • A stipend (prorated for partial-year appointments)
RAs:  $4,550
  • Special housing accommodations
    • FYC and RAs - Single room in their residence
    • CAs - Specific group housing or single room in residence
Who can apply?

Any current Middlebury College undergraduate student in good standing may apply for a ResLife position, with only a few limitations:

  • Only rising Juniors and Seniors may apply to be CAs
  • Only students who have already been a member of ResLife staff for at least a semester may apply for "Head" positions

Important note:
Residential Life staff are sadly unable to lead other early arrival groups (PALs, First @ Midd, Middview Trips) due to the demands of each individual role. Please keep this in mind as you apply for fall opportunities. If you have questions regarding this conflict, please check in with your RD.

Can athletes be on ResLife?

Absolutely! ResLife tries to build a diverse and dynamic team of students - including athletes. 

For fall season athletes, please note that ResLife training sessions take place in the weeks immediately before MiddView. All training sessions are required and may necessitate missing aspects of your pre-season athletic practice, team meetings, or competitions.

Please talk to your coach and RD to see if any conflicts might exist. 

What is the interview process like? / What is "Group Process"?

Applications are reviewed by all five RDs. Students will be selected for interviews based on the quality and content of their application. Interviews are designed to learn more about the applicant and to determine the type of position for which they might be the right fit.

Interviews will take place with RDs, and will be scheduled based on your availability on specific dates.

Group Process is (historically*) an event where all applicants come together in person so that the RDs can get to know you more! This usually involves being split into small groups and asked to participate in various activities. RDs use this opportunity to learn about your personality and to figure out how different applicants could fit on different teams.
*Given the unique circumstances of the pandemic, we are exploring how we could still run a version of Group Process. We will keep all applicants up to date as it is determined!

What is the day-to-day like as a staff member?

Being a part of ResLife includes having a very flexible and variable schedule. While there are a few specific time commitments in the form of regular staff meetings and scheduled duty time, much of a staff member's time is spent in self-scheduled time, interacting with their residents by checking in with them one-on-one or organizing social events. 

What is duty like?

What is being “on duty” like?

When FYCs or RAs are on duty, they are present in their building throughout the night and are available to residents and to respond to things that may occur in the building. This could include assisting a student concern, crisis situations, or potential policy violations. Additionally, building rounds allow staff to get to know residents of other hallways as they tour the building. Duty logs are kept to document issues/concerns for appropriate follow up and support.

How often are you on duty?

It depends on the size of the staff. There is always at least one FYC/RA on duty in a building each weekend. On average, an FYC or RA should expect to be on duty approximately three weekends each semester and one in J-Term, depending on staff size.

Can I be a ResLife staff member for just one semester?

Ideally FYC, RA, and CA positions will be filled for a full year. This allows for better continuity for student residents. However, as Middlebury College has multiple opportunities for students to come and go from campus, we do allow CAs to serve as a staff member for a portion of the year.

Spring FYCs serve only for the spring semester, but they are required to attend the Fall ResLife Training program.