Join the Residential Life Staff

Updated for 2017-2018

At Middlebury, our residential community connects students.  The Residential Life staff work hard to advise, assist and afford you the opportunity to take full advantage of a living environment that is truly unique. Our programs build a community that you can feel a part of, contribute to, and express yourself.

If you are an energetic, upbeat, and caring individual interested in a great leadership opportunity, you should apply to be on the Residential Life staff. A position in ResLife is one of great responsibility, and also great fulfillment. It requires hard work but is very rewarding and will help to develop and hone skills that will serve you throughout your life. It is one of the most influential jobs you can have on campus. 

ResLife staff members are selected for their ability to facilitate a sense of community within the residence halls, resolve group or individual conflicts that might arise, know and enforce the policies of the College, and serve as an information resource within the residence hall. 

First-Year Counselors (FYC)

FYCs serve as mentors to the first-year students in their Commons. Specifically, they are expected to foster the intellectual and personal development of first-year students and to serve as the bridge that connects these first-year students to other support services on campus. FYCs are expected to forge personal connections with the residents on their hall, to be in regular contact with the Commons Team, and to communicate with the Head and Dean about student issues. FYCs should be prepared to direct students to either the Head or the Dean for specific support as needed. To be successful, each FYC must have a concrete understanding of the network of available resources on campus and a willingness to channel students to those resources.

Housing: First Year Residence Hall 
Salary: $2,450 per year

Resident Assistants (RA)

Drawn exclusively from the Sophomore class, RAs serve as community leaders in the Sophomore halls by being accessible to other students, by getting to know residents, by maintaining residential standards, by facilitating community building activities, and by working directly with Commons Teams and other staff.  In addition, RAs serve as a liaison to facilities management and other offices on campus.

Housing:Sophomore Residence Halls
Salary: $1,650 per year


Community Assistants (CA)

Community Assistants (CAs) live and work in upper-class halls and houses to actively promote positive residential experiences for upper-class students. CAs receive specific training on issues facing upper-class students and assistance developing events and activities of interest to their residents.  Programs focus on wellness, community building and developing skills for life after college. 

Community Assistants also play an important role connecting students to the College's housing, safety and campus resources. CAs provide support such as check in/check out, work orders, fire safety, facilities rounds, and other residential questions. Community Assistants work directly with Commons individually and as teams.

Housing: Community Assistants are assigned to different areas of the campus; some to a large residence hall, others to small houses or a combination of both.  These geographic areas create clusters of residents that the CA supports.  Most CAs receive housing as a part of their position.  This housing is either a single room in a residence hall or a small house/apartment.  Some CAs are selected from residents of those areas after housing has been assigned. CA areas change annually. Locations and details can be found in the CA Job Description.  

Salary: $2,000 per year

If you have questions about a ResLife position please contact or stop by your Commons Office or the Office of the Dean of Students.
Who can apply?

Any current, Middlebury College undergraduate student in good standing may apply. Traditionally, rising Juniors and Seniors have received priority for First Year Counselor positions but all classes may apply.  

Only Sophomores may apply for Resident Assistant positions. Only Juniors and Seniors may apply to be Community Assistants.  

Application Information

The link above will take you to the online application for all positions - First Year Counselor (FYC), Resident Assistant (RA) and Community Assistant. 
You may apply for any position in any Commons using this single application form. Interviews will be scheduled as applications are received. Applicants may be contacted by multiple Commons Teams depending on their responses to the application.

Important note about MiddView 
Prospective Residential Life applicants (FYCs, RAs, CAs and Commons Council members) are sadly unable to lead MiddView Trips due to the demands of each individual role.  Please keep this in mind as you apply for fall opportunities.  If you have questions regarding this conflict please direct questions

 If you have any questions about the positions please contact Residential Life or your Commons Office.

Fall 2017 Training Dates and Info

All ResLife Staff return to campus on Thursday, August 24 to begin training on Friday, August 25. Training for all Res Life staff then continues through the next two weeks overlapping new student orientation - MiddView. All training programs during this period are required.

Please ensure that your travel arrangements for the fall are made with this date in mind.  A big part of training is building a cohesive team which mean everyone needs to be there!  

What is the interview process like?

Applications are reviewed by all five Commons Teams.  Students will be selected for interviews based on the quality and content of their application.  Interviews are designed to learn more about the applicant and to determine the type of position for which they might be the right fit.

Interviews will take place with all members of the Commons Teams.  Interviews vary in length depending on the Commons and position.

Please remember that there are a large number of applicants so please be patient with the scheduling process.

What are the benefits of the position?

Excellent leadership and programming training

An annual housing credit (credit is prorated for partial year appointments)

  • First Year Counselor -  $2,450
  • Resident Assistant - $1,650
  • Community Assistant - $2,000

Special housing accommodations

  • FYC and RAs - Singe Room in their residence
  • CAs - Specific group housing or single room in residence
Can I be an Res Life staff member for just one semester?

Yes.  Ideally positions will be filled for a full year.  This allows for better continuity for student residents.  However, as Middlebury College has multiple opportunities for students to come and go from campus it is possible to serve as a staff member for a portion of the year.