Does my dorm/house/suite have cable TV?

Middlebury College provides basic cable service and television sets in most residential hall lounges and small houses.

Senior Suites (Atwater Hall A and B, LaForce, Ross Towers)

Some senior suites are wired for cable TV installation. Residents of these suites may subscribe to cable service to secure a subscription. Information is provided to the residents of the suites regarding cable TV installation at the beginning of each academic year.


Tapping or tampering with the cable television system is prohibited. Those who are responsible may be held liable in a civil action for three times the actual amount of damages sustained thereby in accordance with the Vermont law on tapping cable television. Students living in spaces where cable is permitted in the lounge areas are prohibited from tapping cable to individual rooms.


Satellite dishes are not permitted and may be removed by Facilities Services. Charges for removal will be incurred by the student.