To maintain the safety of our residents, certain items are not permitted in residential spaces. 


Not Allowable

Small, refrigerator one per room, up to 3.8 cubic feet. Must be energy-star rated

Large appliances such as refrigerators in excess of 3.8 cubic feet, freezers, washers, dryers

Microwave, one per room

Any appliance with an open heating element including, toasters and toaster ovens, hamburger and sandwich makers, popcorn poppers (other than hot air), hot plates and electric frying pans, electric woks, and deep fryers

Iron with automatic shut off

Halogen lamps, fuel, portable heaters, fireworks or hazardous materials including chemical fire starters

Area Rugs

Candles (new or burned), incense, oil lamps, oil/wax diffusers that sit on lightbulbs and any devices that create open flames or burning embers

Electric blankets

Ping pong, foosball and pool tables in rooms, suites or lounges or residential halls*


Air conditioners and space heaters


Loft kits and water beds


Fire pits and grills

Hot air corn poppers

Fog and smoke machines

Kettle with concealed heating elements and automatic shut-off

Weapons of any kind

Porch furniture**


UL-approved LED lights ***

Incandescent string lights

* Ping pong, foosball and pool tables are allowed in designated areas of social houses and some senior houses only.

** Additional furniture (e.g. chairs, couches and hammocks) on house porches must first be approved by the College.

*** String lights are prohibited, with the exception of LED lights in good working condition (no frayed or bare wires, cracked sockets, loose connections or damaged insulation).  LED lights are acceptable ONLY if they are labeled with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) approval. Tags with this information are required to be on each string of lights. LED string lights may not be placed over doorways, on ceilings or wrapped around any sprinkler piping, furniture or other cloth items such as curtains or wall hangings. LED lights may not be attached with nails or staples. LED lights must be plugged directly into an outlet or surge protector and may not be strung together.  If it cannot be verified that the lights are LED, the College has the right to remove them.

**** Small animals (e.g., fish and hamsters) kept in appropriate aquariums or small cages at all times are permitted. Snakes and ferrets, even if caged, are prohibited in residence halls at any time.