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Accessing your Room

Each residents of a room is assigned a unique key or TouchPad code for that space. 

Codes are available to residents as of 9:00 a.m. on the start date of their housing record.  Residents should check their StarRez Portal Confirmation tab to confirm their start date. Keys and codes will not be issued/shared beforehand. Nor may belongings be placed in a room in advance.

Within a day of the termination of a housing record keys should be returned to the Public Safety office and TouchPad codes will be inactivated.


Room keys are issued by the Department of Public Safety. For residential hall regulations refer to the college handbook. Individuals must report lost or stolen keys to the Department of Public Safety immediately.

Lost Keys:

The individual will be allowed to sign out a second key from Public Safety for a 24 hour period. There is a key charge and a lock change fee for lost and stolen keys (see below).


If an individual locks the key inside his/her room, he/she will be allowed to sign out a second key from Public Safety for a 24 hour period. If an individual is not able to come to Public Safety to obtain a replacement key, the individual can request a Public Safety officer to assist with unlocking his/her dorm room door.  The lockout service will result in a $10 charge.

Room Change/Move out - Key return:

When a person's housing assignment ends, or enrollment ends due to withdrawal, conclusion of the academic year, summer term, or graduation, he/she must move out of the room and return key immediately. 

During the Academic Year, keys may be retured to the Commons Office or to the Department of Public Safety.  

Note: Individuals who have opted out of J-Term are not enrolled, and must return their key at the end of Fall Term.  Keys will be reissued for Spring Term.

Mailing Keys:

If you return your key via mail, you must e-mail Key Administration immediately. Alert the department that you are sending your key and request additional time for it to be returned.  When mailing your key, you must send it by FedEx or UPS Next Day Service as lock changes are submitted promptly to prepare for upcoming events and housing.  Do not use paper envelopes. Keys are often stripped out by automated mailing machines and never make it to Middlebury College. Failure to return the key results in a lock change with charges being applied to student accounts. A key is counted as returned when it arrives at the DPS office at Middlebury. 

Failure to return a room key will result in the fines listed below.

  • $50 nonrefundable key charge being billed to the student
  • An additional $50 will be charged for a lock change

If you have any questions in regards to keys, please e-mail


Language School Faculty, Staff & Guest Residential Keys

Summer School keys must be returned to the Department of Public Safety.  Individuals may not occupy a room after the housing assignment ends or once the room key has been returned.

Loss or Damage: All lost or stolen keys must be reported to Public Safety. Faculty/staff and dependents will bear any cost associated with the loss, theft, destruction, or damage to the key(s) issued. Any costs incurred for re-keying shall be assumed by the individual.

Lock Outs: If Faculty/staff or dependents need a loaner key after being locked out of a room, it is the person’s responsibility to return the loaner key to the Department of Public Safety within 24 hours of issuance. If the key is not brought back within the 24 hour period, the lock will be changed and the person will be billed.

If you are unable to come to the Public Safety office to pick up a loaner key, an officer may be available to give you access. You may be charged a fee for this service.

Fees: Lost, Stolen, or Unreturned Keys - Master Keys: $100 for the key plus an additional $50 for each lock change required. Residential Keys: $50 for key returned after work order placed, but before lock is changed. $100 for key not returned, or returned after lock is changed.

If you have any questions in regards to keys, please e-mail


All  College residence halls have Touchpad Locks except for InSite and the Self-Reliance House.
Individuals may view their code on their StarRez Portal Housing Confirmation tab  as of 9:00 a.m. on the day they are approved to move-in.  (Do not call Public Safety or any other office on campus to ask to obtain a code earlier.)
  • Note:  Each person in a room has their own unique code.  When one roommate moves out only that person's combination will be terminated.
  • If a code is not visible as of 9:00 a.m., first check the start date of your housing record.  If your arrival date is accurate but you still do not see your code please check that your housing assignment has an "In-Room" status.  If you then need assistance contact your Summer School Coordinator or during the academic year Residential Systems Coordinator, Karin Hall-Kolts.
If you experience difficulties with your touch pad code or lock when you arrive at your room please contact your commons office or Public Safety.  They will communicate with the locksmiths.
To ensure your safety and the security of your belongings do not share your door code. Should a resident have concerns that their room is not secure (e.g. someone was able to open the door, something is missing, etc.) they must:
  • First, file a report with Public Safety. 
  • Also inform the Commons or Program Coordinator with which the building is affiliated.
  • And, contact the Residential Systems Coordinator (Karin Hall-Kolts) to request a code change. 
After business hours all urgent requests should be sent directly to the Public Safety office.
In non-urgent situations, i.e., a resident shares their code and then has concerns about the security of their room,
  • Inform the Commons or Program Coordinator with which the building is affiliated
  • And most importantly contact the Residential Systems Coordinator (Karin Hall-Kolts) to request a code change
  • There will be a $25 service charge in those situations.