COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Residential Guests

Middlebury students living on campus are permitted to host guests in their residence hall/house room for a limited time. A guest is defined as anyone who is not enrolled as a Middlebury College student and who stays overnight in a campus residence hall room at the invitation of a resident. This definition includes a student's family members and friends. 

As a residential community, the right of students to live in reasonable security and privacy takes precedence over the privilege of their roommate or hall-mates to host a guest in their room, suite, or apartment. Guests on campus must agree to and abide by all Middlebury Handbook policies, and in particular, the Residential Policies and Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy.  If a guest violates Middlebury policies, becomes an annoyance to other residents of the hall, or is disruptive of the Middlebury community, the host’s guest privileges will be revoked and the guest will be required to leave campus immediately.

Any Middlebury student, including room or suitemates, who feels inconvenienced by a guest should first discuss the matter with the host student. If that brings no result, the student should contact their FYC, RA, CA or Commons Office.


  • Students may host a single guest in their room up to three days in each term. Guests may stay overnight on campus except when Middlebury is not in session (Thanksgiving, December, February and Spring Recesses, and the period between Commencement and the first day of fall classes).
  • Students are expected to only host guests with whom they are familiar or whom they have agreed to host on behalf of a Middlebury program.
  • Guests are not allowed to sleep in lounges or other common areas. 
  • Hosts and guests must accompany each other whenever reasonable. Should the host and the guest need to be apart (attendance at class, participation in an activity, etc.), they will both be aware of the other’s location.
  • Hosts are responsible for the conduct of their guests. If a guest violates Middlebury policy, the host will be held accountable.
  • Guests must have a valid photo identification.
  • Guests are expected to pay for all dining hall meals. For current meal rates.
  • Guests with cars must receive a temporary parking pass from the Department of Public Safety. 

Guest Registration 

  • All guests must be registered with Middlebury for the duration of their stay. Personal guests must be registered through the online form.  
  • Guests who are staying in a student’s room as part of an official College program must be registered in advance through the appropriate department: 
    • Prospective student:  Office of Admissions
    • Athletics recruit or player: Athletics
    • Student organization:  Student Activities
  • Students in double/triple rooms, suites, house and townhouses must obtain the consent of their roommate/suitemates before registering their guest.  Roommates and Commons staff will be informed of the registration of the guest automatically.