Kailee A. Brickner-McDonald

Assistant Director

 DKE Alumni House 201

Kailee Brickner-McDonald has always learned the most through meaningful experiences in community. She is enthusiastic about supporting Middlebury College students to better understand themselves, work collaboratively with others, and make a positive impact in the world. Kailee has enjoyed living in Vermont since 2008, working with college students in various community engagement programs and earning her Master’s and Doctoral Degrees in Education at the University of Vermont. Previously, Kailee held professional roles in political organizing and educational non-profit organizations. Outside of work, Kailee can be seen playing in her garden, paddling, hiking, reading, and traveling.

At the Center for Community Engagement, Kailee supports youth and mentoring programs and communications. She builds relationships with Addison County schools and youth organizations, advises leaders of student organizations (e.g. Community Friends, Page One, DREAM, Juntos, MiddROC, MiddCAM, and NOM), collaborates with the Vermont Youth Tomorrow AmeriCorps VISTA team member, and supports outreach internally and externally that helps others know about the Center’s work!